Rapidshare presents RapidDrive: A file manager for Windows

RapidDrive is a service introduced by Rapidshare in 2011 that was created to provide a simple way to upload files to this storage service. And just introduced a beta version of RapidDrive for all RapidPro users, this will be possible to integrate your account from Rapidshare with the Windows file system.


So, with RapidDrive and Rapidshare account you can view the contents of the storage site as if an external hard drive is involved (although this does not allow the execution of software in it), this allows users to upload and download files easily from Windows Explorer and avoids having to resort to the Rapidshare website. Continue reading “Rapidshare presents RapidDrive: A file manager for Windows”

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RAR: File Manager

RAR is a powerful application easy to use, but above all very efficient and powerful, which can compress and decompress files quickly and easily without any problem.


RAR also has several options to help us compression wing of our files as we can to compress and decompress any file, whether text, audio, graphics or executable among many other things that can compress and decompress with this great File Manager.

eMule and torrents: what do you use?

EMule, the famous mule, for movie downloads to disc or complete discography of music. However, with the passage of time the torrents came to stay and became the staunchest opponents of eMule.


EMule is still one of the most used download tools on the network; reaching week to week the tenth place on average in the top downloads from SourceForge, in addition to having successfully passed the rigors of time and copyright.

But in recent years its use was seriously affected by the torrents. While the last official update of the e-Mule dating back to April 2010, we have a different version of the torrent clients at least once a month. Continue reading “eMule and torrents: what do you use?”

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