Adobe updates Flash: This is the serious error that has been found

There are few times when Flash has been the victim of all kinds of serious attacks to its security and stability. Not surprisingly, Adobe has to put the batteries each little time with a view to resolving the problems that are encountered. The last one has come out to the light a few days ago, when the company announced the discovery of a serious fault which, fortunately, already has its corresponding update. In fact, we recommend applying the patch as soon as possible.

Adobe updates Flash

Specifically, the application is victim of an exploit that is being used to perform attacks to those users who have installed Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. According to Kaspersky Lab, the vulnerability with code CVE-2016-7855 could be classified as serious. Without going any further, the patch has already been published and is recommended to upgrade as soon as possible in order to maintain data security. Continue reading “Adobe updates Flash: This is the serious error that has been found”

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HTTP/2 has vulnerabilities that threaten millions of pages

HTTP/2, as well know the professionals sector, is a protocol released a few months ago and enhances the original HTTP. Among other features, it eliminates existing bugs and improves performance of the first release. However, it seems that what was thought to be perfect it is not so. The protocol allows a greater number of messages in the exchange of them between computers and servers, allowing us to navigate more pages at the same time it will increase the loading speed. However, we should be careful.

http 2 protocol

Security researchers have discovered that the HTTP/2 protocol has a total of four major faults that may allow an attacker to slow down both web servers and make them fall completely. After some analysis, verified vulnerabilities that were already known and exploited in HTTP/1.X. We should note that the protocol is adopted by many pages for months, so that they could be in danger. Continue reading “HTTP/2 has vulnerabilities that threaten millions of pages”

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ownCloud 9.1: The new version begins to take shape

ownCloud, the free system that allows you to mount your own server in the cloud, continues to prepare new versions. A few weeks ago we received the numbering 9.0. Of course, there is not the thing. The development team is already preparing the edition 9.1.


A minor release that, if not properly include massive developments, it will have some interesting features. As we have known through the official blog, there are emerging as some of the features that will be available. Continue reading “ownCloud 9.1: The new version begins to take shape”

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WebTorrent, so you can make streaming with torrents

Streaming multimedia content has become one of the most performed activities. Not surprisingly, there are currently large amounts of GB network that focus on carrying movies, music and other entertainment content. The BitTorrent network already joined years ago to this trend, but today’s technologies are enabling the development of new applications. Like, for example, WebTorrent, an app that allows you to view streaming torrents that have multimedia content.


Developed by Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh, WebTorrent allows viewing online multimedia torrents you want without the need to download them completely. For example, we can see a trailer for a movie without having to download it. The task is limited to viewing and deleting (but also can store files). Get rid of preconceived ideas, because the application is sufficiently innovative to surprise users. Continue reading “WebTorrent, so you can make streaming with torrents”

Wishbone, a touch-free thermometer

Thanks to crowfunding platforms we have seen various options of smart thermometers that are connected to our smartphones, but Wishbone is a device that includes a somewhat different from the other technology, since it does not require contact of the device with the skin for proper operation. It also has other uses, so it can make really useful in our day to day.


Wishbone is a project that is seeking funding through Kickstarter and has several interesting ideas that have been put in place. First of all its design, which is shaped like a Y to place the thermometer in the smartphone and can still see the screen without problem and without having to tilt the device to see the results shows. Continue reading “Wishbone, a touch-free thermometer”

Filesoup, the alternative to Google for search P2P download

Google had made some changes to its search algorithm that had mainly affected download websites, which had lost up to 50% of visits they had. Of course, made the switch, made the solution. And it is that, if we could hardly find such materials in their results, we now have to take a look at a new search engine that will do the same job.


Filesoup is a search engine that comes to allow us the fact of search files on major P2P networks. Nothing is quite limited, although their characteristics should be expanding soon. Right now, what we can do is search for torrents on sites like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, Kickass or ExtraTorrent. Even put at it disposal a proxy to bypass the limitations that exist in some countries. Continue reading “Filesoup, the alternative to Google for search P2P download”

Wunderlist 3 is now available

We continue reviewing tools that will be useful for organizing tasks and improve productivity and today we look at Wunderlist. The Version 3 of this popular task management tool is available after which according to its creators has been the most significant update to its development cycle.


For those who have not used Wunderlist, this is a very useful tool with free and professional versions that focuses on the concept of task lists that can be private, shared and, since the last update, public. These lists are synchronized across all our devices. Wunderlist is available on the web and so can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Kindle Fire devices. Continue reading “Wunderlist 3 is now available”

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Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English

Write in good English is still difficult for so many popping tools that help us with this task. A while ago we told you about Writefull, an assistant to improve our writing in English that has similarities with Ginger, the tool on which we focus in this article.


The objective of Ginger is simple: to help improve the texts that we write in English. That goal can attack their many fronts ranging from the most common and avoid misspellings or grammatical up to others as giving a more native touch to the text using the synonymous and expressions appropriate to each context. Continue reading “Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English”

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VoIP Termination Services – The best should have

Worldwide, many changes have taken place in the business scenario that had a direct impact on how communication is perceived by people. No longer confined to simply make and receive calls. With this change there has been another change in the mode of communication. The VoIP termination services that was previously rejected at the time of its arrival has finally started to get their due share and rightly so.

VoIP Termination Services

VoIP service is definitely an improved form of communication in comparison with the traditional public telephone network switch i.e. Antrax GSM. With its endless uses is undoubtedly going to favor the spread around the world before finally taking part in all PSTN services. Continue reading “VoIP Termination Services – The best should have”

Writefull: writing assistant that helps us to improve our texts

To all who need usually write texts, especially in a language that is not ours as English, we tend to assault the doubt in some situations because we do not know the right word for the context or are not sure if what we are writing is right. Google searches tend to be our ally in this case but now we can also use Writefull, an application that will help us improve our texts.


Writefull is an application that was already popular among Mac users but which is now also available on Windows. This application also uses the Google search as a mechanism to view the best options for our texts but automates the process so that we can find solutions faster. Continue reading “Writefull: writing assistant that helps us to improve our texts”

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