Conversion Of Advanced Coding Of Video

To convert mp4 to DVD one needs to know about it. DVD is well known by all but mp4 is a format that contains audio and video along with subtitles.

convert mp4 to dvd

You also need a video converter for the conversion. Some converters are extremely user friendly which does not require any knowledge of settings or the format. Even if you are a novice you can easily follow the steps and the work can be done in minutes. The steps that are required to convert mp4 to DVD vary from the version of Windows to the OS one. But the basic steps associated are:

  • In the first place you need to download a video converter – by clicking on the download icon you can get the file installation and once the download is finished you can go through the manual of instructions and set up of installation. In the next step you have to go to the video converter which you have downloaded and then for the inclusion of DVD files in your program you have to just process the button of Add DVD.
  • The selection of the various formats is very easy and for selecting the mp4 version all you need to do is to go the field of convert to where a list of already installed format will come up. You have to select the mp4 version varying to the format suited to your device. Even the selection of resolution depends upon individual choice. It is upon you to decide where you want to store the files that are converted. So the software will start with the conversion process.
  • In case you need to convert the video to your mobile phone then all you need to do is simply plug in your mobile device with the computer. Now the application for the mobile phone conversion of video differs to the computer one but it is not a complex process. The files will automatically be transferred with the option of uploading application.

Digitization of notes written on post-it with Evernote

The notes we took on a post it can be scanned through a photo and automatically added to Evernote. Once added they are synchronized on all devices and are treated in the same way as other tasks or reminders entered into the tool.


Every time we use more frequently the Evernote lifestyle tools that allow us to organize our tasks, reminders and agenda of simple form simultaneously that we have it quite synchronized in our computers, phones or tablets. However there are still situations where we pull the classic post-it to write down some things but … do you know that these notes can automatically digitize and lead to Evernote? Continue reading “Digitization of notes written on post-it with Evernote”

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Flightradar24: Monitors flights around the world

Flightradar24 is a monitor of all commercial and private flights around the world. What at first appear to be data that might only be available to civilian and military air traffic controllers now have on your computer or your mobile phone in real and free time, in certain cases.


But besides the novelty of having all air traffic in the world at our disposal, Flightradar has some surprises. Among them, the possibility of identifying to any plane in flight that happens over our heads. How do we do it? Just focus on it with your mobile phone or Tablet and you’ll know which line it belongs to, where it comes from and where it also goes with the type of radar that counts, altitude, heading and speed. For more data, also it will show us its registration number. Continue reading “Flightradar24: Monitors flights around the world”

NeatMouse: Control the mouse with the keyboard

The mouse is the most used accessory but we have made less progress in technology issues. In essence, a mouse of today is almost equal to one used 20 years ago and the functionality is the same, except for the wireless technologies that are supplied with certain models. It is also the most durable element and offers fewer failures. But what happens if we are very used to it and we suddenly fails?


In this case we could use the keyboard shortcuts, but if that’s not the preferred way, we can dip into NeatMouse, an application that enables you to control the mouse with the keyboard, in addition to imitate the movements of the center wheel and two or three buttons. Continue reading “NeatMouse: Control the mouse with the keyboard”

Revive your scanner in Windows, Mac and Linux with VueScan

The arrival of new operating systems can do that our scanners turn into objects little less than useless, because manufacturers do not always continue making drivers for them to new systems or simply because other newer models are released. But do not despair; your old scanner can still be very useful with VueScan.


This program helps to even Windows 8 and Mac OS X Maverick recognize the scanner, with a database of drivers over 2,300 models for Windows, Mac and about 2,100 to 1900 different models for Linux. Compatibility is not hundred percent complete, must say, as some models still require the installation of Windows WIA driver or torque for Mac. Continue reading “Revive your scanner in Windows, Mac and Linux with VueScan”

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BlueStacks runs Android from Windows

The world of emulators offers multiple alternatives that can be used by developers to detect failures or for anyone who wants a little more internalized in a new operating system. Android has become an event between mobile, so that for some time now there are Android emulators for Windows. Let’s examine BlueStacks that while not a hundred percent emulator allows us to install apps individually.


As mentioned, BlueStacks is not an emulator programs, but it allows you to download individual applications and run them full screen or windowed mode. As in the original Android, we can download from the Google store, but also supports other stores, such as Amazon; it has search application that performs searches in the supported stores. Continue reading “BlueStacks runs Android from Windows”

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Mandelbulber: Draws fantastic fractals in 3D

With a little free time over the weekend ahead, we will present Mandelbulber, a fractal drawing program that comes out a bit from the norm. And it Mandelbulber not draw fractals in two dimensions, but it’s done in 3D. But in addition to all the control that we may have about the graphs, as well as being possible to perform animations is amazing.


All these characteristics make Mandelbulber not an easy program to use. To achieve the effect we want, we have a notion of over 200 controls grouped into tabs that form the heart of the program and it will draw out decent graphics for wallpapers or even a digital artist. Continue reading “Mandelbulber: Draws fantastic fractals in 3D”

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Sharemouse presents improvements with ShareMouse 2

ShareMouse, an application to control two computers with one mouse. While not getting such good results in comparison with the Mouse without borders, worth as a good option to control multiple computers.

ShareMouse 2

ShareMouse makers now bring us the second part, ShareMouse2, with some improvements, but still can not control more than two computers without having to opt for the paid version. This new version has improved support for Windows 8 and 8.1, in addition to Mac OS X 10.9, connection automatically between different monitors, support for special keys, use Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote computers, cursor movement and better options to control the rate of scroll individually for each terminal. Continue reading “Sharemouse presents improvements with ShareMouse 2”

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Fast shutdown: turn off or turn on your computer in less than three seconds

One of the problems faced by any computer user is the time it takes the operating system to boot up or shut down. If we talk about facilities that have not been properly optimized Windows, this process can be frustrating: we’ve heard of machines that take 10 minutes to power on and off as many.

Fast shutdown

There are third-party programs for those who do not have much patience. Many of them are paid, as the complete Auto Shutdown Manager, but there are also free as Fast Shutdown. The task of this program is nothing short of shutting down the system “in less than three seconds” and restart in the same period of time. But what really gives results? Continue reading “Fast shutdown: turn off or turn on your computer in less than three seconds”

TimeRabbit helps you measure the time you spend on Facebook

Those who work long hours in front of a computer usually worry about the amount of time that we will throughout the day on pages that are not really working because the Internet is easy to slip. In this sense it is very useful plugins as Web Time Tracker helps you know which pages you spend all your time but if your problem is more specific and has to do with Facebook, then you can serve a more simple as TimeRabbit.


TimeRabbit is a curious free application that measures the time spent on Facebook and offered statistics on it. TimeRabbit not a browser plugin, but an application that is installed on your computer and is able to monitor the activity on Facebook from common browsers likes Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Continue reading “TimeRabbit helps you measure the time you spend on Facebook”

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