This is how Google plus codes work, a global and open source alternative to street addresses

Google summarizes in a very simple way what the plus codes are: an address for people or places that do not have it. The company has repeatedly claimed that the “next billion users” of the Internet will emerge in developing countries with diverse needs, such as locating their home locations.

google plus codes

In fact, according to a World Bank estimate that echoed from Mountain View, half of the world’s urban population lives in unnamed streets. That means that they cannot indicate where they live in a reasonably simple way with everything that can mean in so many areas. From this lack is born this open and global code system, applicable to any part of the world, with which to locate a specific place is much simpler. Continue reading “This is how Google plus codes work, a global and open source alternative to street addresses”

How to send encrypted emails using Gmail

The encryption is becoming a very important concept. Not surprisingly, attacks on the security and privacy of users that are taking place over the last few months are causing, little by little, users are realizing that they should be more concerned about their data. One of the latest developments in this area will come soon to Gmail. Google will implement a tool that will allow you to send encrypted emails. Although we already know how to do this task with external tools.

send encrypted emails

Thanks to the extension Secure Mail for Gmail, which can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store, we can encrypt e-mails to be sent through Gmail. It is a complement that ensures that the contents are secured before reaching the Google servers. Something very important. Continue reading “How to send encrypted emails using Gmail”

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Gmail already allows you to attach files up to 50 MB

There are many times when, in an email, we have to attach some kind of file. For example, if we want to send a document it is very possible that we should use the corresponding feature. Usually these files do not usually occupy much, but there are times where we have to figure in order not to exceed the limits.

gmail exceed limits

If we have an own e-mail server, in this aspect we will not have major problems. But, of course, if we use a public one there are certain security measures that must be fulfilled. In Gmail, for example, we can not attach files that occupy more than 25 MB. Well, we actually have to say we could not, since Google has increased this limit in order to allow us to send larger files. Continue reading “Gmail already allows you to attach files up to 50 MB”

Chrome will begin to block Flash in September

As you know, many of the browsers that are now available on the Internet begin to block Flash soon. Among the reasons it is causing blockages, excessive consumption of resources and, of course, security failures, which have had serious consequences for many users. Not surprisingly, the number of infections has dropped as users have begun to uninstall the plug.

chrome blocking flash

Google is one of the companies that begin blocking Flash soon. Specifically, in their Chrome browser. A few weeks ago already announced the movement, although it had finally been decided to complete the operation in the 53 software version. In this way, the browser will act by default and will eliminate a part of the compatibility with Flash, avoiding that can be run in a free manner and by default. Continue reading “Chrome will begin to block Flash in September”

Google is already preparing Chrome with Material Design

Material Design has been one of the most curious creations of Google. A simple graphic style, but at the same time striking. Although applications for mobile phones already have it implemented for months, not so with its star PC web browser, Chrome. However, the works are underway. In fact, the company has already posted some samples of the final result.

chrome with material design

Thanks to the latest published images, we have been able to take a look to what is preparing the company: a simple Chrome, with fewer buttons, and a large number of changes. Sometimes it will give you the feeling of being in an Android application. Continue reading “Google is already preparing Chrome with Material Design”

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Google Chrome 48 comes with new features and security enhancements

Chrome, the browser of Google, receives a major upgrade. The development team does not stop when adding ingredients. Something that we like on the other hand: in addition to installing new features, it also improves a browser which is already excellent. The possibilities of the software are not exactly few. Clearly, now it is available the version 48 does not get bored at all.

Google Chrome 48

Google Chrome 48 is not a browser with excessive additives. Although true that it is quite interesting. One of the new options, for example, is the ability to add custom notifications. Thus, to arrange we will be aware of what happens in the world and to interact with them in different ways. Continue reading “Google Chrome 48 comes with new features and security enhancements”

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Google announced the abandonment of the SHA-1 protocol

Weeks ago, Microsoft and Mozilla announced that they wanted to increase the security of their systems by upgrading the SSL certificates that they were using. The SHA-1 algorithm, still used in a lot of sites, it has been regarded as vulnerable, so it is clear that their use is dangerous for the information that is exchanged. Basically, because anyone can successfully perform a cyber attack.

SHA-1 protocol

Now it is the Google planning to upgrade the security of SSL certificates that uses. Specifically, the company would leave behind the SHA-1 protocol to prevent attacks on the security of their systems, besides providing an additional layer of protection for all users who use both services and applications of the company. Continue reading “Google announced the abandonment of the SHA-1 protocol”

Hangouts now has its own web, talk without having to install the application

Google Hangouts is the bet of Google for instant messaging. Such applications have become very famous, although it must be said that increasing competition is causing losing interest from users. However, the choice of the search engine company has its own legion of fans, so it continues to improve day after day.

google hangout web

The latest development has recently arrived. And also very useful for frequent users who do not want the program installed on their computers or mobile devices. As we have seen, Google has scheduled a new website for Hangouts. Previously it was only available to a very brief section that just gave us possibilities. Continue reading “Hangouts now has its own web, talk without having to install the application”

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Gmail allows to send money via email

Well, we must say that we have found it a bit confusing and weird concept, but if we look carefully it makes enough sense. And it is that Gmail has launched, for now only in the UK, a program that will allow us to send money via email using the Google Wallet platform. As we know, it is a project that allows shopping, for example, in Google Play Store.

gmail allow send-money

Send money is quite simple. The only thing we have to do will be to begin to write a new email and then click on the attachments bar (the symbol of the British pound, more specifically) to “include” the amount of money we want. To give the send button we will have enough for the recipient to receive the desired amount. Continue reading “Gmail allows to send money via email”

Google announces Classroom, free platform oriented to instructors

The technology continues to enter the classroom and offering solutions that can help teachers and students in the process of teaching and learning. Google is present in almost all areas of our daily lives and counting utilities within the education sector by announcing the launch Classroom project.

google classroom

Classroom is a free platform that aims to make life easier for teachers saving time in management tasks that can be devoted to developing better classes or materials. Classroom also offers advantages for students and, at least for the moment, resembles a miniature version of the ‘virtual campus’ that have many universities so many can already imagine what are its functionalities.

Classroom teachers will provide a form of communication and distribution of materials to students. It also provides a folder for each assignment and student in such a way that the platform becomes the place where students find the exercises and climbing them once finished. This method is simpler for students and for teachers who do not have to maintain multiple deliveries arriving organized them in different forms and saves on other media such as CDs or paper.

Those who are interested in using Classroom can make a request to be admitted to the testing phase since at the moment it is not available for everyone, something that will happen within a few months.

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