Google Fiber want to reach 10 GB per second

The Google Fiber connection speed would increase to 10 GB per second, according to executives. Although the actual experience of Google Fiber fails to provide the service in a few U.S. cities, Google wants to increase the connection speed to within three years.

Google Fiber

Google has begun to move their pieces to further improve its offer Google Fiber connection speed in USA. Remember that almost two years ago, the network giant began offering its Internet service provider, with 1 GB speeds per second. The new target is to reach 10 GB per second. Continue reading “Google Fiber want to reach 10 GB per second”

Google would force manufacturers to include newer versions of Android on their mobile

Google is looking for ways to every manufacturer equips its terminals with the latest version of Android to stop fragmentation and ensure that users do not have to wait months (and in some cases the wait is forever) to have the latest version. The way to force install the more recent versions would be to give a few months to raise version, at the risk of which it is not possible to gain access later to the Google Apps.

The point is that manufacturers believe that leave users stranded in earlier versions of Android force the replacement of equipment and know that is not so There is no reason to change each year a mobile that works perfectly only for being the last.

Google applications that could not be entered in a model that has Android earlier in the term which would give Google would be Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Search, YouTube and especially Google Play Stored. You know that a phone that can not access the store is practically useless for most users. This decision seems very hard, but Google thinks it’s the best way to force manufacturers to improve operating systems in each model.

Thus, manufacturers who want to launch their handsets with Android 4.2 (API version 17) have a deadline to do so on April 24. If you want to integrate the 4.3, have until July 31. From then on will only have nine months after the launch of a new version of Android are taking to continue terminals with an earlier version that was just released.

To see if updated properly medium to low range that still offer versions of Android with 3 years old mobile and the current scheme decided updates manufacturers have no ability to upload version.

Google Drive API solves the problem of the space for data of Android applications

As we are installing applications on our Android-based device, the space that is required in the memory for them is also higher. There are many applications that are in charge of installing other applications in the internal SD memory because they are added now Google, but with a slight variation compared to the rest.

google drive api

Google has presented at an event dedicated to developers its Google Drive API, which would keep the application data in Google Drive. But it will also allow several devices that are using the same application to share data stored in Google Drive. Continue reading “Google Drive API solves the problem of the space for data of Android applications”

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Google announces Dart, a JavaScript alternative

The Internet giant has announced version 1.0 of Dart, a new web language that threatens to be a viable alternative and open source JavaScript, for websites and web applications.

google announces dart

But in fact this language debut came a couple of years ago, but its implementation was not yet possible in programming. It was not until now that Dart can be worn as a language that is much easier to learn than JavaScript, in addition to can run their own programmes and, of course, be adapted to other browsers that are not Chrome. Continue reading “Google announces Dart, a JavaScript alternative”

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Google prepares malware detection incorporated in Chrome

More advanced browsers like Chrome, IE or Firefox are becoming real essential work tools, almost more than the operating system itself work. Google continues to add more functionality to Chrome and among them will begin to test the built-in malware detection in Canary versions.

Chrome is already able to detect sounds in the tabs, and a renewal of desktop notifications. This is to prevent users during navigation who do not put too much care on the sites and applications that download, there are no malicious codes. The idea is to block those downloads that are harmful to the system, as any malware detection tool in real time. Continue reading “Google prepares malware detection incorporated in Chrome”

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Google will provide support to Chrome for Windows XP until April 2015

After Microsoft ends extended support for Windows XP in April 2014, Google plans to continue supporting this old operating system. The support will be extended for another year, until April 2015.

google support chrome for Windows xp

This means that Chrome for XP users will continue to receive updates and patches to keep safe the browser, only until that date. What happens beyond April 2015 for those who continue using Windows XP with Chrome isn’t Google’s liability. Continue reading “Google will provide support to Chrome for Windows XP until April 2015”

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Google will show your picture and name in ads from November 11th but you can disable it

Under the guise of “sharing” advertising, Google has changed its terms which gives the ability to show your picture and your name with advertisements, may not only be done in the same Google sites, but so will more than two million sites that show the company Advertise.

google adv

The new terms of use contemplated that the content is restricted only to our circles of Google. But if you rate a product on Google Play and Google Plus, the company may use your name and picture to share advertisements for that product you’ve qualified reaching over one billion users accessing those sites. Continue reading “Google will show your picture and name in ads from November 11th but you can disable it”

Google wants to expand oral search by adding more user interaction

Having a conversation with your computer right now is almost a utopia. The first step that has been taken is the implementation of oral search in Google Search. If you’ve tried you may have noticed that different variations of pronunciation, accent and even voice influence most frustrating cases for results.

google oral search

The important thing is that we have taken steps to at least voice recognition a reality for easy browsing. It is another matter when we want to ask more about a specific subject, if we say “USA” Google will show a map of USA, and general information. But if we ask more specific details or have a conversation about USA, for the time being, it is little what can Google do. Continue reading “Google wants to expand oral search by adding more user interaction”

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Google strengthens the security of its users with better encryption

Given the facts of invasion of privacy which are public and which gained momentum a few days to know the Prism surveillance system, the U.S. government, Google wants to distance himself from everything that leads to think that has worked spying on its users. For this reason, the Internet giant reinforced with a high level encryption files from their users, according to the advance by the company itself.

google strengthens the security

And the bad publicity that has been uploaded several brands and network services to enable working with the highest levels of American government and other countries to access private data of the users, who will be appropriate unless the same Google.

Currently the company only encrypting the contents of their users, such as Google Drive, only when files are transferred to their servers. From now on, the encryption will remain. Thus, Google will not be able to authorize access to the files in any possible way, unless the government itself does the work of hackers and brute force decrypt every file, a task that can be time consuming, even for the American Government.

However, the issue has its nuances, showing that no encryption is good enough in a given case. For example, you could simply deliver an order for the user password for access to a file, to which Google could not refuse to deliver.

Finally it seems that the files in the Cloud with a very uncertain future. Where once we feared for the stability of the same cloud and the services associated with storing files, now fear for the fact that you can access most of the files, legally or not. At the end, save important files and sensitive in other physical storage media will prove to be the best alternative.

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Google Maps for Android, a New Version

Google has updated its Android version of Google Maps, with some improvements, but also some negatives or those have been included in the last half hour, at the request of users.

Google Maps for Android

Among the new features, we can mention the traffic update in real time, reporting of incidents and re-calculation of dynamic routes. The new look of Google Maps has been renewed, much like Google Now. On the negative side, we mention the removal of the Latitude service and initial possibility to see the maps in offline mode, but Google has released a solution to this. Continue reading “Google Maps for Android, a New Version”

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