Google Chrome 27 offers voice search

A few months ago Google was developing more in-depth speech recognition capability in many of its products, especially in the search for content through the browser. They had promised changes on this matter in the future versions of Chrome, which we have available in the latest version of the browser.

Chrome 27 offers voice search

Those who download or update automatically to version 27 of the browser, will find that from the Google search page can now search by voice. Added a microphone within the same search box, which in turn enable the microphone of our computer and where we can search without writing a single word. Continue reading “Google Chrome 27 offers voice search”

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Gmail and Google Wallet will enable money transfer

For now, we relied exclusively on PayPal to make online payments, an alternative that many times has given problems and is well known the unfair treatment and despotic that often gives the service to their customers. Fortunately all that will be back, if Google carries out what is planned, integrating Gmail and Google Wallet to make transfers of money.

payments gmail to googlewallet

The new feature will be integrated as an email attachment. This means that in addition to sending pictures and files from our Gmail email, we may also send money. To do this, we will do from the command marked “$” in the toolbar of e-mail, where we have to indicate how much we want to send. Continue reading “Gmail and Google Wallet will enable money transfer”

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Google Maps could have a redesign

Among the tools that we all use the network more frequently, we can count on the fingers of one hand. Among them, Google Maps can surely be included among the most widely used, not only at home but also in browsers, pagers, smart phones and other portable. Well, it seems that the site maps network excellence will soon undergo a redesign.

google maps redesign

The new interface is likely to be launched at Google I/O and is the biggest change that the site has experienced. The changes include from the colors of the maps, icons and text with new format, adding integration with Google+. Integration with Google+ will allow us to filter search results specifically contacts in Google+ circles. Navigation seems to resemble the style of buttons on a phone. Continue reading “Google Maps could have a redesign”

Google is associated with behavio

A very good news for all those who follow the technology, but another very bad for those of us concerned about privacy. Google has taken over the company behavio. This company had developed a program for Android called Funf, a program of predictions based on the behaviors and habits of any mobile user.

google and behavio

To leave things a little more clear, behavio specializes in recording and analyzing the data delivered by smart phones, such as location, speed, and network devices nearby, activity of incoming and outgoing calls, installed applications, and so on. What will Google do with behavio? Perhaps worse that could have done it: integrate tracking technology into their upcoming products… Continue reading “Google is associated with behavio”

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Google wants to remove the top black bar

Those who remember how was the Google homepage until a couple of years, also remember that there was the familiar top black bar, from which you access the Google mail, images, YouTube, etc.. Subsequently, the last change made by the company imposed us the black bar and it’s been two years already.

google new navbar

Well, now Google is testing a new version of the world’s most visited site. In the new version, again the black bar is removed, replaced by an icon that looks like a grid. Clicking that icon will deploy a popup menu with the options we now have in the top bar. Continue reading “Google wants to remove the top black bar”

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Google launch this summer its music streaming system

For those who believe that the landscape of web sites that broadcast music via streaming, like Pandora or Spotify, is populated enough, now comes a new proposal for Google to stir up the hornet’s nest. Apparently, Google does not want to stay out of the business, so it would be in negotiations with record companies to launch its own service.

google music streaming

The news is not yet publicly announced by Google, so even unofficial, since just about assertions from “external sources” the Financial Times newspaper and Bloomberg business site. Continue reading “Google launch this summer its music streaming system”

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YouTube Options for Chrome: extension that enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube

If you are regulars to watch videos on YouTube every day, you know that this site has many ‘discomfort’, or things that do not really provide much. So this time we want to present an extension for Chrome called YouTube Options for Google Chrome that will be possible to eliminate advertising, annotations, comments, recommendations and more.

YouTube Options for Google Chrome

Although through different extensions you can modify the appearance and the feature of YouTube, YouTube Options is the holistic approach that will allow us to modify what we always wanted, and all with a few simple clicks. Continue reading “YouTube Options for Chrome: extension that enhances the experience of watching videos on YouTube”

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Boomerang: Browser extension that helps you manage your email in Gmail

Boomerang comes as a browser extension that is available for both Firefox and Chrome. Its purpose is to increase our productivity with the use of email through three main functionalities: tracking emails that have not been answered, sending email to a particular time and reminder emails that need attention in the future. Let’s look a little more each of these features.


Get an idea of how helps scheduled mail functionality is simple. If you did not use any extension, Gmail shows the button ‘Send’ to send the mail immediately. Continue reading “Boomerang: Browser extension that helps you manage your email in Gmail”

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Available Google Chrome 24

Google announced that it is now available the version 24 of its popular browser, with changes that enhance a aspect that most of us interested in: speed. While automatic update has not yet begun, the Internet giant already has online for anyone who wants to download it.

google chrome 24

The browser version 24 includes changes in Flash, specifically an update, in addition to bug fixes, support for MathML (to the end) and “dramatic improvements in speed”, but Google has not specified exactly what it has done for that 24 version is faster than the previous ones. Continue reading “Available Google Chrome 24”

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Google Takeout: download a backup of your Google Drive

Era has begun in which we are keeping our files in the cloud and where almost all we make extensive use of such services. Some say that in the future to replace the internal and external drives and other physical media, but the truth is that while change is already happening, not even deserve the confidence of some users.

Google Takeout

For Google Drive users, there is a way to back up all data stored on the service, thanks to Google Takeout, a service dedicated to parallel backups of information from Google Drive. Continue reading “Google Takeout: download a backup of your Google Drive”

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