WhatsApp will have two-step authentication

The two-step authentication has become one of the most comprehensive in the world and popular security tools. Not surprisingly, it has been proves that the only use of the password is no longer a final measure, so that companies and pages are being put hands to the work in order to add new layers of security to protect the personal data of the users.

whatsapp two step authentication

Many of the most popular services have already integrated this new measure, although there is no doubt that there are many additional steps are still pending. For example, some applications have not yet implemented the option, leaving users to partially insecure. And, as rumored, the WhatsApp application may include two-step authentication. Continue reading “WhatsApp will have two-step authentication”

Skype Translator now supports the Arabic language

Skype Translator is one of the most interesting features of the instant messaging application Skype, allowing real-time translation between different languages. However, there are still limitations which must be fixed. For example, the Arabic language was not supported. We speak in past since, thanks to a recent system update, we have available this function.

skype translator

Thanks to the Modern Standard Arabic package recently have at our disposal the possibility that the project itself can translate and transcribe the Arabic, providing a very interesting novelty. Especially for people who speak it. Thanks to the update (you can already enjoy), Skype Translator speaks in a total of eight languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish. Continue reading “Skype Translator now supports the Arabic language”

WhatsApp Plus Reborn, becomes the great alternative to WhatsApp

It has been months since we could enjoy WhatsApp Plus, a version of the popular instant messaging application that provided some very interesting additions. Its end already knows: in addition to being removed from the bazaars, WhatsApp proceeded to ban users who had to install it. There was no place for not authorized modifications. However, it seems that was not the last touch.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn

As we have seen recently, it is now available WhatsApp Plus Reborn, a sort of WhatsApp Plus. At the moment we do not know if developers are the same. And it added a good amount of features that are not found in the original application. Continue reading “WhatsApp Plus Reborn, becomes the great alternative to WhatsApp”

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Slack, the tool that is changing the way people communicate in many companies

A good communication within a company is essential for everyone to direct their efforts in the same direction and projects to go forward. To communicate with the rest of our team have many tools such as email, chats, video-conference or file sharing, etc. but today we speak Slack, a tool designed to simplify the communication process by grouping all in one channel.


Stewart Butterfly, co-founder of Flickr, initiated this project is having some success in many organizations. Its objective was to reduce the use of email and the number of tools used in each project to improve communication between members of the team. Thousands of users are already using Slack with good results and has a free version so you can try it in your projects. How does it work? Continue reading “Slack, the tool that is changing the way people communicate in many companies”

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Microsoft tests a translation of audio system in real time for Skype

For years Skype and similar tools have helped us eliminate barriers and distances improving our communication in personal or workplace. Can you imagine that in the future will also help us communicate with people who speak other languages without having to speak them? It’s a complicated objective but Microsoft is already working on it as shown Satya Nadella, CEO of the company.

skype translator

The technology of which we speak was presented at a conference in California and is known as Skype Translator. This new functionality would give Skype a system of automatic translation in real time, i.e. translate what we say and other say to another language and show it on the screen so we can communicate. Continue reading “Microsoft tests a translation of audio system in real time for Skype”

Rumr allows you to speak with groups of friends… but without knowing who is each one

Imagine that you are in a room with a group of friends and that for a while you turn off the light to maintain a conversation. Posts to imagine, suppose also that we have no way of knowing who each friend because of his voice is and talk about any subject but unable to identify who emits every opinion on it. What you can imagine? If you imagine it has not passed the same creators of Rumr, a rather peculiar instant messaging application.


Rumr is a messaging application that has been put on anonymity as a great goal. This application allows you to create groups of friends (i.e., is not open to anyone who wants to participate in a group) in which all talk but anonymously. Continue reading “Rumr allows you to speak with groups of friends… but without knowing who is each one”

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Opera Mail, update and post new mail

Opera presented its first version unique email client. It is called Opera Mail and can be downloaded separately from the Opera Next browser. With this client can send and receive emails, have total control over our RSS feeds and all directly from the Windows desktop, without having access to third party applications.

Opera Mail

The quick setup process to open Opera Mail first invites us to enter a valid email. We have three options: create one, create a group conversation or import the data from a previously existing email account. Continue reading “Opera Mail, update and post new mail”

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ICQ for Windows 8

ICQ, one of the most popular instant messaging programs recognized among PC users, now comes with an updated version for Windows 8. While over the years the software has lost popularity over other proposals like MSN or Google Talk, is still present and still has a very broad user community.

ICQ for Windows 8

ICQ for Windows 8 provides all the tools and services of a program of this nature. We send text messages via the Internet, using voice chat, video conferencing and even use emoticons to add more expressiveness to our messages. Continue reading “ICQ for Windows 8”

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Messenger Reviver: Again using Windows Live Messenger

Skype has completely replaced the old Windows Live Messenger since a few days ago, although many do not like to use Skype. Some users may miss the features added to Messenger, a program that had its peak of millions of users for several years, but had begun to decline before the arrival of the chat in social networks.

messenger reviver

If today spears the Windows Live Messenger, you’ll get a message that you will be prompted for download the new version to continue. For those nostalgic for the Messenger, Messenger Reviver installed a patch for that “messenger” still works with versions 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012, despite the blockade of Microsoft and the recommendations to use Skype. Continue reading “Messenger Reviver: Again using Windows Live Messenger”

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Skype launches video messages beta service

After we learned with amazement that Skype already nuclear one-third of international calls, now receive the news that Microsoft’s messaging service, called video and VOIP that will replace Windows Messenger, now begins a testing stage where you can send messages in video calls.

skype launches video messages

The testing period will begin in beta in the U.S. and Britain, only for users of Android, iOS and Mac and will be able to send video messages to other Skype contacts, which will reach your message box for viewing later. Continue reading “Skype launches video messages beta service”

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