Skype is the target of new virus

If it was before thing of every day for users of Messenger to see how appeared strange messages with even more strange links, now the path taken before the new viruses that were directed to Messenger, reaches to Skype.

skype virus

What before was the target of choice for the links that were hiding malicious code, it has changed now, thanks to the new implementation of Skype as a program of messaging, chat, video chat and phone calls. Since Microsoft announced that Skype would replace Messenger, the viruses targeted at Skype have escalated. Continue reading “Skype is the target of new virus”

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Messenger is dead, long live Skype

If you have a Hotmail account and still you have not received an email warning that March 15 is the last day of life the legendary Messenger, wait for it to arrive anytime. And that is Microsoft has chosen this day to the death of Messenger, which had already been brewing for a few months.

skype and messenger

The instant messaging service that gave the old Messenger will be replaced by the Skype service. We should remember that Microsoft purchased the Skype service in 2011, so it will now want to take advantage of its new acquisition. The problem is that Messenger users already did raise their voice of protest, with some fairly valid reasons. Continue reading “Messenger is dead, long live Skype”

Movistar, Vodafone and Orange return to the fray with Joyn

Until relatively recently, the mobile operators have a profitable business based on text messages. Factors such as the increasing number of smartphone users, greater use of social networks and the proliferation of mobile apps have destroyed most of the business so that the operators are trying to take steps to re-enter that market although it remains to be seen the effectiveness thereof.


An example of what we talk about is Joyn, an instant messaging service that was launched earlier this year and now with the return to the fray Movistar, Orange and Vodafone. Joyn offers users the ability to exchange text messages or share files and images and aims to compete with services like WhatsApp, something that seems very complicated at least right now because the service is not mature enough to deal with alternatives available in the market. Continue reading “Movistar, Vodafone and Orange return to the fray with Joyn”

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Windows Live Messenger completely integrate Skype

It has passed a lot of water under the bridge since Windows Live Messenger was the client of messaging and of chat more utilized in the network. Replaced by other mass media in The Cloud, Microsoft has seen to languish “to the Messenger” increasingly, although still counts on a base of numerous users.

Windows Live Messenger

However, it seems that Microsoft is going to move with respect to the Messenger tab and merged it with the Skype service, of which also they are proprietary. Somehow, there will be something of Messenger in upcoming editions of Skype. Continue reading “Windows Live Messenger completely integrate Skype”


Skype is the new stable and final of this free program to make video calls and videoconferencing, owned by Microsoft since last year.


In this new version fixes a crash during the session on Skype IM which in some cases, sent the message and delivered to a separate contact after Skype restart or had not entered as a new user. In addition, now Skype updates will also be a part of the Update of Windows as an update more.

As we know, Skype provides data encryption, so you don’t need open any port or set up rules in our firewall. That makes it a very easy to use for all types of users. Continue reading “Skype”

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Miranda IM 0.10.1: Free multiprotocol messaging client

New version ready to download Miranda IM, the popular client multiprotocol messaging alternative to Windows Live Messenger. In Miranda IM 0.10.1 corrects an error in the HTML decoding, in the AIM protocol and corrected the problems of disconnection ping out in Jabber.

Miranda IM

Miranda IM is compatible with operating systems Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (native version has 32 and 64 bit) Continue reading “Miranda IM 0.10.1: Free multiprotocol messaging client”

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