Tails fixes serious bugs with version 1.7

Tails is one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world. Its development will focus on one aspect: maintain maximum safety, even avoiding that Governments may access data from users or track the navigation. However, like all operating systems, it also has a number of errors, which are determined by the different versions that will be launched.


The latest version has been made available to the public a few days ago. Tails 1.7 arrives, especially with the solution to multiple errors and security flaws that could endanger the user. Some of the updated packages are Tor Browser, wget, libfreetype6, gdk-pixbuf, openjdk-7 and unzip. There are more applications that have required modifications in order to secure them. Continue reading “Tails fixes serious bugs with version 1.7”

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Prototype Steam Console: SteamOS not be based on Ubuntu

Engadget has leaked some images of what will be the new Steam game console, along with some other details, including the operating system will not be based on Ubuntu, but it will be another edition of the same Linux made ​​by Valve.

steam console

The prototypes of the Steam console will be shown at the upcoming CES, during the month of January and the first features that have accessed Engadget, speak of a super computer for games, with Intel i7 CPU and a Geforce GTX 780. But surely feel more disappointed those who believed that the Valve console could replace the computer’s life. Continue reading “Prototype Steam Console: SteamOS not be based on Ubuntu”

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MOC: A music player for Linux from the command line

Although there are all sorts of Linux distro that can be performed with relatively little memory in the computer, still there are cases where the command line will be very useful to save resources. One of the things we usually do is listen to music while working, although rather than from a program like VLC, Rhythmbox, Audacious, Exaile, Bnshee, Amarok, Clementine or any other music player can do it from the same console with MOC.


MOC has a structure similar to file manager Midnight Commander, where you can browse through your hard drive in a panel, and playlist on the other. It can support ALSA, OSS and JACK and can play formats like MP3, Ogg, Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE, AIFF, AU and other not so well known. Continue reading “MOC: A music player for Linux from the command line”

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Antivirus Live CD: Linux to the rescue to clean computer from viruses

In addition to traditional antivirus for Windows, there are other ways to completely clean your computer from viruses and malware. And in many cases not enough to boot your system in Protected Mode and pass program after program of disinfection, but we have to resort to certain distributions of Linux that can do the job without interfering with the Windows system files.

Antivirus Live CD

As in many other cases, the solution comes from the hand of antivirus created with Linux, which operate as separate operating systems that can boot from a CD or a USB key. This way, you will have access to all files and all disk partitions. One of these programs is Antivirus Live CD, a distro that can pull the chestnuts out of the fire if we can not access Windows files by traditional methods. Continue reading “Antivirus Live CD: Linux to the rescue to clean computer from viruses”

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VirtualBoxes: Download Linux VMs, Open Solaris and FreeBSD for VirtualBox

Not everything is Windows or Mac OS X that glitters. We also have many options for using an open source OS that you can install on your computer. While we follow the path of the LiveCD, LiveUSB or install it on a permanent basis in our disk, either replacing Windows or in addition to Windows, the fact is that virtual machines are an excellent way to test new operating systems without “at risk” to install it on disk.

VirtualBoxes is a site that allows the downloading of multiple virtual machines, previously you miss to VirtualBox. Exactly the 45 images that the site has been prepared previously, bringing together the Linux (the most numerous), Open Solaris, FreeBSD, BSD and other systems like Haiku, AROS, ReactOS or the same Android. All that is needed is to download and run from any flavor of VirtualBox, either from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Continue reading “VirtualBoxes: Download Linux VMs, Open Solaris and FreeBSD for VirtualBox”

Linux for Workgroups: The tribute to Linus Torvalds to Windows 3.11

It is not a joke, but a “small tribute” done by the creator of Linux to honor in some way to one of its competitors in its time. Windows 3.11 for Workgroups was released on August 11, 1993 (will be 20 years old), as an update to Windows 3.1. It definitely left behind DOS commands and user jutted into the world of graphical interfaces. By that time, Linux was also in its early versions.

linux for workgroups

The tribute of Torvalds to that primitive Windows is not only in the name of Linux for Workgroups, but also includes the new logo: the penguin characteristic of Linux, holding a banner with the old logo of Windows 3.1. Continue reading “Linux for Workgroups: The tribute to Linus Torvalds to Windows 3.11”

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TeamViewer 8 reaches for Linux

Although TeamViewer 8 for Linux is not hundred percent Linux application (with Wine is to be executed), the development team has unearthed this latest version of the popular program for remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer and online meetings, among other features.

TeamViewer 8

Fixed some problems that had emerged in the beta and at least Ubuntu has no errors. But the really important changes have come with the daemon, which makes it possible to connect to another computer on the login screen, without it being necessary for the other user is currently connected. Continue reading “TeamViewer 8 reaches for Linux”

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The myth of Linux and 1%

Every time you mention some percentage that refers to the use of all major operating systems, you will have seen that Linux is no more than 1%, sometimes even less. Have you ever wondered why Linux always appears with a percentage that would lead us to think that does not use or family of Linus Torvalds?

myth of Linux

We assume that Linux is not as a mainstream OS such as Windows. We have mentioned many times that the power of Windows is unsurpassed marketing, coupled with the fact that it is installed on almost all computers sold in the market. If you buy a new computer, it is more likely to come with Windows. This leads people to prefer it because it is the OS that has always used, in part because each computer has ever bought came with Windows already installed. However, Linux has more than 1%, as show after the jump. Continue reading “The myth of Linux and 1%”

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Trinity Rescue Kit: Linux antivirus for Windows

Sometimes when a Windows computer has been attacked by one or more viruses, it may be impossible to delete them from Windows; it has reached the point where the computer does not start. But the solution to these extreme cases comes from the Linux side, with relief distributions created to eliminate viruses.

Trinity Rescue Kit

We refer to one specific, Trinity Rescue Kit, a small distribution made in Linux, that we are going to serve almost perfectly to clean any virus “rebel” that we want to play a nasty trick on our computers. As a distribution that can run from RAM and not in use the system files required for Windows to run (likely to be infected) can clean the disc without any problem. Continue reading “Trinity Rescue Kit: Linux antivirus for Windows”

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Linux Mint launches version 14 RC “Nadia”

Linux Mint has become a leading force in the Linux world, Ubuntu can not even bend. Based on Ubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” has appeared for download, in its latest Release Candidate version named Nadia, with the desktops Cinnamon or MATE.

Linux Mint 14 "Nadia"

While the desktop Cinnamon happened to version 1.6 of Gnome, MATE premieres his new version 1.4 within Mint. Those who prefer desktops KDE or XFCE versions of Mint, will have to wait a few more days, as the version that includes these desks come in December. Continue reading “Linux Mint launches version 14 RC “Nadia””

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