More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan

If we mention the name of Gooligan, it is clear that many will be left with a frown. It is no wonder, because this computer virus was almost unknown until a few hours ago. Yes, we talk about a malware that has already made theirs, and now could be considered as one of the biggest threats for devices with installed Android.

violated by gooligan

The virus was originally discovered by the company Check Point Software, which ensured that there were at least 86 applications outside the official bazaars for Android that had integrated virus. The main problem is the extracted results: allegedly, has already affected more than one million devices, which means they have stolen so many Android accounts associated with them. And talk about Android and Google accounts is the same. Continue reading “More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan”

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Qbot return, and is now more dangerous than ever

As you have already guessed by the latest entries posted, the world of the virus are moving extremely fast, with news arriving every few hours and threats that do nothing but come and go and then come back stronger than ever. Special mention to the ransomware, which more problems are occurring. However, this news concerns Qbot, a virus that made an appearance in 2009. It has been quite enough time since then.

Qbot return

Symantec detected the original variant, proceeding to eliminate as far as possible. The objective of the threat was the steal data and information from infected computers. It seems that the virus was removed. Although it has come back. And now it is more powerful and dangerous than ever. Be careful with it, because it could give you a surprise. Continue reading “Qbot return, and is now more dangerous than ever”

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Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a is a new and very sophisticated virus for Android

Kaspersky Labs has released a very detailed report of a potentially very dangerous virus for Android operating systems because their performance is “as sophisticated as the best virus for Windows”, according to Russian researchers. The virus is Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a and distributed through links, converting the one or more mobile within a malicious botnet.

virus for android

Invite malicious links download a message sent from a site called Once downloaded, the virus begins to send messages to other contacts, inviting more messages sent from the same site. In short, the virus activates entering the links, so that with a little caution and common sense can avoid infection. Continue reading “Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a is a new and very sophisticated virus for Android”

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MalwareBytes Chameleon: a search engine of malware camouflaged

Some viruses have the ability to prevent the installation of an antivirus or block any antivirus program that you have installed on your computer. Virus infection can be made ​​to override any attempt to clean the system, so it can block new installations of cleaning programs or even cancel any program that was previously installed.

malwarebytes chameleon

If until now the only way to solve this problem was directly format and install Windows from scratch, now we will have a program that will allow us to at least make one last attempt: Malwarebytes Chameleon. Continue reading “MalwareBytes Chameleon: a search engine of malware camouflaged”

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Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool

Here we commented on the new super virus that is affecting the network which is able to monitor network traffic, take screenshots, act as a key-logger and perform other monitoring tasks.

Bitdefender removal tool

This malware has been classified as “dangerous and complicated”, is why the company BitDefender has released a tool to find out if you are infected and in addition to being well, remove this threat. Continue reading “Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool”