Major Windows update: Microsoft fixes serious security issues

Do not be surprised that during the last Windows update the patches took longer to install. Microsoft has made very large changes in the operation of different versions of its operating system by closing a total of 48 vulnerabilities that seriously affected the products. In fact, two of them are critical and affect all versions that are currently available, and supported.

microsoft fixes security issues

Of the 48 holes, 15 of them are present in all versions, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Of course, the company has not been concerned about the existence of these failures, since, for the moment, they have not taken advantage of it in a convenient way. Two of these 15 vulnerabilities are considered critical, allowing even to take control of users’ computers. Continue reading “Major Windows update: Microsoft fixes serious security issues”

Microsoft says that Windows 10 does not share information with third parties

A few days ago we talked about a story that had been frightened some users. And the fact is that there had been discovered the possibility that Microsoft was sharing private user data, telemetry, with other companies. Clearly this type of leakage did not fall as a good thing, so some users even raised their voices requesting explanations from Microsoft. However, the company has decided to jump into the fray in order to clarify what happened.

windows 10 does not share information

First, the company has denied that Windows 10 is sharing information with third parties. In fact, a spokesman of the business has argued that data sharing refers to improved security features for the antivirus from Windows whose sole purpose of improving the product. In fact, it has hinted at the telemetry data, confirming that this information is only available for Microsoft itself. Continue reading “Microsoft says that Windows 10 does not share information with third parties”

Windows Defender Offline, Windows 10 integrates new security options

One of the major problems of the Windows operating system is the computer virus. Each time a new installation is done, it is essential to integrate an antivirus that avoids most problems that can arrive. Windows Defender is one of the solutions that were already included in the package. Although Microsoft has put the batteries with a new feature: Windows Defender Offline.

Windows Defender Offline

The function was removed a few years ago, but has now become more interesting way. Thanks to the latest Insider Builds, we have seen how the original Windows Defender can scan our computer even before start the operating system. In fact, an Internet connection is not necessary. Interesting: right? As well we will be more secure. Continue reading “Windows Defender Offline, Windows 10 integrates new security options”

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Microsoft buys SwiftKey: Would again assail the mobile market?

As for keyboards for mobile phones, there are hundreds of applications with all kinds of features. In due time we already started looking for the best alternatives, turning out to be surprised due to the existing variety. However, in recent months the sector has fallen slightly. That means that the companies involved have had to find other ways to finance. And others, of course, have been provided for sale.

Microsoft buys SwiftKey

Microsoft has taken a new step in terms of acquiring outside companies. This time he has gone to the market of keyboards for smartphones. The announcement was made a few hours ago: have bought SwiftKey, one of the most popular applications for Android and iOS. The Redmond company has had to be left a total of 250 million dollars in the process, although there is no doubt that they will capitalize on it. Continue reading “Microsoft buys SwiftKey: Would again assail the mobile market?”

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Office 2016 would be available from September 22

Office is the star office suite from Microsoft. An application package that has helped reaches all kinds of areas, both personal and professional. But most surprising of all is that, although it has a lot of competitors, has managed to stay in front. And already they have nearly about 2016 edition.

Office 2016

According to the latest published reports, Microsoft plans are to launch Office 2016 at the end of next month. The beta versions are already underway. Everything indicates that there will be no major changes regarding these. In fact, most of the attention has focused on providing a stable product and that does not give problems. Continue reading “Office 2016 would be available from September 22”

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Office 2016 gets an update with new features

Office 2016 has become a highly anticipated office suite. It is currently in a beta version, but it works correctly, it still has some bugs and features to come. People are getting used to their presence, but there is still plenty of work ahead.

Office 2016

It was a few days ago when Microsoft announced that Preview Office version already have one million users between versions of Windows and Mac. A very important figure. In fact, they have released a new update that includes a variety of features, each more interesting. It is better to take a look. Continue reading “Office 2016 gets an update with new features”

TouchMail, Microsoft’s new application to manage emails

A few years ago we complained that Microsoft was not innovate at all, and that its software market was not as wide it should, now we have to swallow our words and change mind. The company is putting both batteries which are surprising us with the tasks being carried out. The results are quite promising, so there is no doubt that the work is very good.


Microsoft announced their new project, TouchMail, an email client that allows us to manage our emails in a very interesting way. The company wanted to change the way in which we invest our time, making everything simpler and without as many complications as we already have. Continue reading “TouchMail, Microsoft’s new application to manage emails”

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Work online with Microsoft Office tools

In some situations we need to work with Word documents, Excel or PowerPoint but do not have them installed on the computer that we are currently using. A simple alternative is to use other tools but have recently looked at people who feel very uncomfortable out of Office and this represents a serious setback so for them and all that interests about the possibility of using Office online from our browser.

Office Online

Not exactly like the desktop version but Microsoft Office Online has available to work with OneDrive. To use it we just have to access Office Online, sign in with a Microsoft account and start to work with the most common tools of the suite of Microsoft. Continue reading “Work online with Microsoft Office tools”

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Microsoft launches Office for iPad and announces its price

Microsoft Office is now available for the iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher. Just as planned Satya Nadella announced the arrival of the iPad of the popular office suite by Microsoft which is available for download in 135 countries and 29 languages ​​but with prices that do not quite convince everyone.

Office for iPad

By the time Word, Excel and Powerpoint are the three tools available, perhaps the most popular and sought after by thousands of users who cast them in their tablets. The responsible of Microsoft business have also pressed for its product landing on a different platform to Windows since estimated revenues of more than 1,000 million dollars annually if the 10% of the iPad users download their products. Continue reading “Microsoft launches Office for iPad and announces its price”

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SkyDrive will be OneDrive

Microsoft has announced that SkyDrive will be called soon OneDrive. This name change is due to a legal dispute that the Redmond giant lost against a British company by the use of the name SkyDrive. The new name will bring new features that have not yet been announced.


The news brings with it some changes to the storage service SkyDrive, but it is also the result of a legal dispute that Microsoft has had in recent months with the British company BSkyB, which ended with a loss in court for Microsoft. Continue reading “SkyDrive will be OneDrive”

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