QualityTime, an application to discover our habits of mobile phone use

No need no study to know that we spend more time with our smartphones. These devices have brought us many advantages but it also have become thieves almost without realizing steal a lot of the time previously dedicated ourselves to other things.


If you are of those who think that you devote too much time to your mobile or you just like to know your habits of use you want to know QualityTime. This free application available for Android devices is very useful because it allows us to have statistics on everything we do with mobile and can assure that after using it for a few days you can discover data that would surprise you. Continue reading “QualityTime, an application to discover our habits of mobile phone use”

Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service of Samsung, arrives in United States

On September 28 the citizens of North America have the opportunity to pay for products without the need to take the portfolio.

samsung pay

Samsung Pay is basically a virtual wallet that will allow us to pay for purchases with the money we bring in our smartphone. No need to bring up the portfolio, since everything is done online, by extracting funds from the accounts that we have configured. A very convenient option, because especially since relocate prevents physical credit cards and money in our pocket to avoid theft, among other problems. Continue reading “Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service of Samsung, arrives in United States”

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Samsung Pay prepares to reach United States: will be the final payment method?

Samsung Pay is the payment method that Samsung has been preparing for several months. No, it’s not like what you think, but the company is focusing on mobile payments in order to monopolize a market that is growing every day, and that could be the future. A new alternative is expected to impose worldwide as soon as possible. It comes with several very interesting features, so we recommend that you do not miss the view.

samsung pay

Samsung Pay will come to the United States on September 28, which means that from that day customers can pay in a new way, more comfortable and easy. In fact, it has been claimed, the method to be used is the “proximity”. That is, we will use the smartphone to pay, bringing it to the terminal that each shop has installed. In fact, all data that are disclosed in the operations will be fully encrypted so there are no problems. Even the number of cards will not be shared with the stores. Continue reading “Samsung Pay prepares to reach United States: will be the final payment method?”

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Protect And Stylize Your New LG G4 With An Awesome Skin

As you take your new LG G4 out of its box, two things will run through your mind. First, you’ll feel excitement for all of the things you can do with this amazing mobile phone.

phone skin

Second, you’ll realize you’ll need to protect your investment. With advanced processing powers, a delicate yet powerful camera, and a 5.5” IPS Quantum display, your LG G4 is a fragile (yet powerful) piece of technology, and it needs all of the protection it can get. In a LG G4 skin, your phone will get all of the protection it needs and more. Continue reading “Protect And Stylize Your New LG G4 With An Awesome Skin”

Why You Need a Mobile App For Your Small Business

Many small business owners think that mobile apps are only necessary for large brands. However, as an ever-increasing number of people are using their mobile devices to surf the web having a mobile app makes good sense for any business, regardless of its size.

mobile app

Many small businesses today have their own mobile apps including mom and pop corner stores, coffee shops, beauty salons and even dental practices. All these businesses are one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to marketing so you’d better get on board as well. Here are some compelling reasons why mobile app development is a big deal in the world of small business and why you should have your own dedicated mobile app. Continue reading “Why You Need a Mobile App For Your Small Business”

BitTorrent Bleep, a very secure messaging service

Recently it released an alpha version of a new messaging system called Bleep developed by BitTorrent, Inc. Surely many will think that we have many messaging systems for smartphones, but this is different, because it does not save the information in any central server, since it uses the entire network of devices that make up what we call the Torrent to reach the user messages. The company judges that they do not keep any data that being sent.


To use the messaging application Bleep, just we have to download the version for our device from the app store. The registration therein is not necessary, so we can use it anonymously. But if we want to import contacts or invite others, then if an application prior to registration will be required. There will also be a whisper mode, which automatically deletes the message from the device which was sent. Continue reading “BitTorrent Bleep, a very secure messaging service”

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Appy Geek tech news app presents new version

Mobiles Republic announced the release of a new version of Appy Geek, its app for tracking technology news. This application reaches its Version 4 in which includes new features that will maintain the good assessment on it for users interested in this kind of news.

appy geek tech news app

For those who do not know comment Appy Geek is a free news aggregator that offers content licensed by many of the webs of technology most prestigious such as Engadget, SlashGear, Wwwhatsnew. Appy Geek gives us access to articles from all these media through a fast and customizable interface for each user. Continue reading “Appy Geek tech news app presents new version”

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Line Call already allows you to make calls to fixed and mobile users of Android

The possibility to make calls to landlines and mobile phones seems a line of clear evolution of instant messaging applications. WhatsApp announced that this year it would have this functionality but Line wants to take advantage and already gives this possibility to Android users.

Line Call

Line Call is the name by which Line has named this functionality. At the moment it is an option that is available in 8 countries (Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines). Users who have registered their mobile number can call at low cost to landlines and users that do not use Line as between users of the application there is a free call option. Continue reading “Line Call already allows you to make calls to fixed and mobile users of Android”

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure: Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure is an Android app that will give the chance to unlock the mobile using the fingerprint. The program makes use of the rear camera, both to store a high resolution picture of the fingerprint, as to carry out the unfreezing.

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure

When Apple Touch ID was added as a feature to iPhone 5s last year, many wondered about something similar for Android phones. The answer is not slow in coming, as there are many applications that try to do the same on Android, although in our opinion the best (complete with limitations) is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure. We’ll show you how this application works; you can unlock the phone with your fingerprint. Continue reading “ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure: Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone”

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Jelly Bean is still the Android most used in mobiles

Jelly Bean is the Android version used in mobile phones, while KitKat has been in the limelight for several months. The latest version reaches only 1.8%, while Jelly Bean already exceeds 60%. These measurements were performed based on visits to the store, in a space of seven days.

Jelly Bean

Google has released some figures from a study carried out on the basis of visits to Google Play. Though KitKat is the latest robot OS, is one of the least used, almost equaling the percentage of use with Froyo. As for Jelly Bean, it is still the most widely used, with over 60% of the phones that have been measured. Continue reading “Jelly Bean is still the Android most used in mobiles”