Protect phone against theft with Cerberus

The new smart mobile phones are equipped with a variety of sensors that allow them to perform all sorts of functions that previously seemed impossible, from geographical location to capture photos and video in real time, Internet access and more varied software.


Taking advantage of these extra functions in middle and high range devices can protect your phone against theft by different applications and functions that can help you find lost device, remotely disable or even turn the camera on in secret so that thieves do not know that you are watching them. Continue reading “Protect phone against theft with Cerberus”

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Calendar++ Free: Your planner in Android

Calendar++ Free is the best choice to have an efficient schedule, fully featured and totally free on our Android phone.

Calendar++ Free

Through the interface we can organize our tasks and events as well as synchronize with Google accounts for any last-minute update is recorded smoothly. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and ultimately what allows is to add special features for the calendar by default of our Android. Continue reading “Calendar++ Free: Your planner in Android”

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Improve the performance of your Android phone with Greenify

Greenify is an excellent tool to significantly improve the performance of your Android smartphone. An optimizer that bring out the best of your phone, whether a model with a few years over, or the newest.


The program includes several tools and configuration modifications that improve the RAM usage and reduce the battery consumption of Android phones, so that obtain advantages of speed and performance with a few simple steps. Continue reading “Improve the performance of your Android phone with Greenify”

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Mailbox: manage email on iPhone

Mailbox is already available at all, or nearly all, the countries of the world. The e-mail client for iPhone is now available for download after a long process of waiting list due to scalability issues that are attributed to the fact that most of the processes are implemented from the cloud.


The downside is that Mailbox only supports Gmail email accounts so you have to forget about managing your Outlook, Yahoo or similar accounts. Currently Mailbox available only on the iPhone, although the developers promise an Android version is still valid and it is only a matter of time until the official announcement. Continue reading “Mailbox: manage email on iPhone”

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Facebook for Android now allows to send voice messages

The Facebook application for Android has always stood by offering some advantages with respect to their sisters’ applications and its last update was not the exception as now in version 2.1 includes new features and improvements to photo viewing experience.

facebook for Android send voice messages

After version 2.0 was regarded as the fastest to date, version 2.1 adds faster to load photos on social network thus overcoming one of the problems that users pointed. In addition we have implemented the function to send voice messages, a feature previously only available in the Facebook Messenger application. Continue reading “Facebook for Android now allows to send voice messages”

Ubuntu phone OS: Available from February

After Canonical announced a mobile version of Ubuntu was talk of this attempt could go to failure with the broad domain that has today Android in the market, however, and in a few days, thoughts on this platform have changed since has begun to demonstrate the benefits of Ubuntu Phone.

Ubuntu phone OS

From CES in Las Vegas, Canonical has started with the evangelism will be the new mobile OS for smartphones that binds to the list which already share leaders iOS and Android. The big advantage is that Ubuntu is built Phone from Android but without using the Java virtual machine, i.e. account with the drivers and the core kernel of Android but does not use java to run. Continue reading “Ubuntu phone OS: Available from February”

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BlackBerry Messenger will now make free calls

BlackBerry Messenger has been one of the most successful communication services on mobile platforms so much before it arrived WhatsApp was the service we all wanted to have in our mobile.

BlackBerry Messenger

Now, just before the launch of BlackBerry 10, has launched a beta version of what will be BlackBerry Messenger 7.0, the latest version of the instant messaging service which will include a very important feature: free voice calls through Wi-Fi. Continue reading “BlackBerry Messenger will now make free calls”

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Prey now tracks the iPhone, iPad, Android devices or tablets

Prey is the best system for monitoring, localization and tracing of a stolen laptop. And the truth is that Yes Prey gives result, in fact I use it in my three laptops without any problem, I think it is unbeatable compared to other similar services that are not free (Prey for free tracks up to 3 PCs).


But now Prey expands its reach to other devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

To do so, it has had to introduce some changes to the recovery service being invoked for these devices, taking into account that some of them are not supported for text messages such as Android tablets and version of Prey for for the iOS system. Continue reading “Prey now tracks the iPhone, iPad, Android devices or tablets”

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Soon Android will have support for multiple user accounts

The Linux-based operating system of Google, Android, is a system that is in continuous growth. Since its launch in 2008 it has been improving at a frenetic pace. Its versions have been increasingly offering each time, more ways to interact with devices that have this operating system.

android multiple user accounts

One of the latest rumors about the progress in the system is that, support for multiple accounts in Android tablets start to have more weight, because the web portal, Android Police, has found this function code. Its development and implementation would be a major step forward for Google’s operating system. Continue reading “Soon Android will have support for multiple user accounts”

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AirDroid: how to manage your Android without cables

AirDroid is a superb application that gives us the opportunity to connect connect our mobile phone with Android with any computer regardless of its operating system, since the connection is made through the network. The fact an application must have all Android users.


On many occasions when we need to transfer content from our mobile device with Android do not have the appropriate USB cable for the connection process, however, there is a way to access from wireless, this is called AirDroid.

With AirDroid we have the opportunity to access and to control our mobile phone regardless of the operating system, as it is compatible with Mac and PC (Windows or Linux) in fact only requires the free application and of course an Internet connection. Continue reading “AirDroid: how to manage your Android without cables”

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