WinX Video Converter is the easiest way to convert videos

Do you want to convert video into a format compatible with your phone, computer or DVD player? It sometimes happens that a format does not want to be recognized and there comes in a simple, fast and effective program for converting between different formats: WinX Video Converter.

WinX Video Converter

The first step will be to choose the video you want to convert and add it to the list of the program. Its interface is very simple and fast, allowing even convert multiple videos at once, everything depends on the number of files included in our list of conversion. Continue reading “WinX Video Converter is the easiest way to convert videos”

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Television via P2P on PC, the best programs

Internet has become commonplace. Almost all computers are connected to the network and allow all kinds of activities from instant messaging and video calls over the world to transfer files and the ability to view via streaming video.

tv via p2p

Here we analyze the different P2P programs that exist today to watch TV online, saving money on cable signals and can turn monitor into a TV tuner or leverage the tools of a Smart TV supported. Continue reading “Television via P2P on PC, the best programs”

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Records video and takes pictures from the monitor with Jing

Do you need to take pictures from your desktop or record a video tutorial? Now you can take advantage of the Jing tool to keep a record of everything that happens on your screen.


Jing allows to work with both static pictures and videos. The integration between the two mechanisms is perfect so we will not have problems when creating records and tutorials in a professional and fast with keyboard shortcuts. Continue reading “Records video and takes pictures from the monitor with Jing”

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Speed ​​MP3 Downloader: Expand your music library

Are you looking for a quick way to expand your music library and always have your favorite topics to the fingertips? Now you can download directly from the Internet with Speed ​​MP3 Downloader, a software downloads that will help you not only discover the most popular successes, but also download them from a simple, practical and well organized.

Speed ​​MP3 Downloader

Speed ​​MP3 Downloader lets you listen to streaming music, if the song you like then you can choose the download option and take it to your hard drive in MP3 format. The program includes a search section to select promptly the songs you wish to download either identifying the title, artist or band. Continue reading “Speed ​​MP3 Downloader: Expand your music library”

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Convert word files into audio with AudioDocs

AudioDocs is a program to convert word files into audio, i.e. all our documents have their version “spoken” with the help of this program. We can use it where we want to transform an audio book or document which need be included in presentations, with more or less decent results.


The chosen format is WAV conversions, so that there is no option to convert to MP3, a format that could give smaller audio files. On the other hand, we are in the presence of a program with an interface with a minimalism never seen; only has a button to switch the format .DOC or .DOCX to WAV, which will open the file browser to locate the file on which going to work. Continue reading “Convert word files into audio with AudioDocs”

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Subsonic allows to build own media server

For those who were looking for a media server that allows us to transmit streaming music and movies, comes Subsonic, a solution which is not free but we will be putting together a list of movies and music files that can be transmitted through the home network or the Internet, if you will.


Some special notes: in the case of audio files, its will be converted to MP3, even though it accepts the files transmission OGG and ACC. Continue reading “Subsonic allows to build own media server”

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BitTorrent Live Beta Now Available

Since last year that BitTorrent had in developing their own platform for streaming video, which uses the Peer to Peer for streaming videos across all clients that are currently connected. Users will not only see the broadcast content but also act as transmitters of the same so that others can receive it too.

BitTorrent Live Beta

Well, BitTorrent has announced the beta availability of this platform that will be in the testing stage for some time more. Came the time to test it to see if there is any alternative to download torrents, in watching live streaming. Continue reading “BitTorrent Live Beta Now Available”

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aTunes: minimalist audio player

aTunes is one of those free programs for multiple platforms that are worth using. Although the interface is not too elaborate and could even say it has a touch retro, aTunes is a minimalist player that supports lyrics display, Last FM and streaming radio, as well as synchronize with portable devices.


As usual, the program asks us to drag all the folders of our computer in search of music. We can bypass this step, if we so desire, in order to find ourselves with a simple interface, but that does not vary much among so many other audio players. We will have repeat modes, playlists, album art, tags and support for radio and podcast. Continue reading “aTunes: minimalist audio player”

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Media Player Classic Black Edition stable and ready for download

While Media Player Classic has been one of the most used programs to view multimedia content, has never been among the most recognized and the most widespread as it could be projects such as the VLC Media Player. However, the Media Player Classic Black Edition already reaches the version in stable and is ready for download.

Media Player Classic Black Edition

This Media Player Classic version is no more, but it has some interesting additions. The first thing to say is that you can have a preview of the movie content using thumbnails. That is, if you want a particular point of the movie, you will not have to go all the video in search of the scene you want, but it can be done through thumbnails to display for each frame (as does YouTube in some videos). Continue reading “Media Player Classic Black Edition stable and ready for download”

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BlogTalk Radio: If you dreamed of doing a radio show this is what you need

Internet gives us a number of ways to express ourselves, whether through a blog, as a podcast, a forum or a message of 140 characters on Twitter. The possibilities are at hand and we have many people from one way or another we have taken advantage of it.

BlogTalk Radio

However, in addition to the podcast and some additions to broadcast via Internet radio, there are many alternatives to make our voices heard. BlogTalk Radio is a service that will allow us to have a free space of 30 minutes where we record a radio program of our favorite subject. Continue reading “BlogTalk Radio: If you dreamed of doing a radio show this is what you need”

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