Ubuntu 17.10 will remove 32-bit ISO

Ubuntu 17.10

The move to 64 bits is being done much faster than we might think. If a few years ago this architecture was a minority, with only a few users and not even a headache for change, the latest modifications in operating systems are forcing this evolution in a sometimes abrupt way. Such is the case with the next version of Ubuntu. Continue reading “Ubuntu 17.10 will remove 32-bit ISO”

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Advantages that brings iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus

The new operating system of Apple has arrived and with it we have interesting news for to enhance our power, more if possible, the performance of their star devices like iPhone 6 Plus. The iOS 9 offers more autonomy and important changes. Do you want to know what the advantages are? Keep reading to discover them all.

iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus

First, installing the iOS 9 will get a better autonomy for your mobile, since this operating system consumes less battery power than previous and includes a low power mode that gives us an extra hour of battery. It is certainly a great advantage because then we can get more of our iPhone 6 Plus and use it for longer without relying on both the charger. Also it is positive the fact that it occupies less and you will be able to use more memory of the device for personal files or applications. The iOS 8 occupied 4.58 GB, but the iOS 9 occupies only 1.3 GB, so that we have more space for other content. Continue reading “Advantages that brings iOS 9 to iPhone 6 Plus”

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Android and Chrome OS will be joined into a single operating system

The trend is clear: Many companies are working to develop operating systems that, in one version, serve both computers and mobile devices. A decision that generating lots of controversy. An example of this union we have seen recently with Microsoft and Windows 10. However, another giant who will join the same goal: Google.

Android and Chrome OS

As confirmed by the company, they are working to bring Android and Chrome OS. In this way, they would create a single operating system that would work on all types of devices. Undoubtedly, a quite risky bet. Clearly, the search engine company wants to offer its solutions to both mobile devices and computers. However, it has the somewhat fragmented market. Continue reading “Android and Chrome OS will be joined into a single operating system”

The first details of Windows 9 will be released in April

Microsoft will release the first details of Windows 9 on a company event, to be held in San Francisco next April. Although mentioned a few months ago that Windows 9 would just be a collection of updates, it seems to be a completely new OS, which already has code name: Threshold.

Windows 9

Threshold improves many of the features of the current Windows 8.1, improving the interface of Windows 8. Metro will continue to be the basis of Windows 9, this time it seems that Microsoft will implement some “suggestions” made by users, while Metro apps will run on the classic desktop. Continue reading “The first details of Windows 9 will be released in April”

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OS X Mavericks available for download and free

Apple has released the update to its desktop operating system, this time called OS X Mavericks. Among other details, the apple company promises to revolutionize the market with only a detail to consider is that this new update is free for users of Snow Leopard and later.

OS X Mavericks

Among the new features is that this new OS will support desktop versions of iBooks and Maps, plus a number of improvements in speed and power saving. In the maps application includes some aggregates as Flyover, while iBooks Portal collection of iOS to Mac OS. Its also add new versions of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. Continue reading “OS X Mavericks available for download and free”

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Steam launches its own operating system SteamOS

Steam has decided to mount an offensive to try to dominate the console market, through the new hardware that is designing and putting the finishing touches to its market launch. A possibility that the operating system used on the Valve console would have been a variant of Linux could be and not wrong.


So Steam has decided to go ahead and launch SteamOS, an OS built on the Steam platform. SteamOS be available as OS that can be downloaded and installed on any PC dedicated to gaming. However, the real target is their own game console and used as OS for multimedia centers; in addition machine with SteamOS can relay those games on your home network directly to your TV, without any additional installation. Continue reading “Steam launches its own operating system SteamOS”

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Firefox OS: now you can try it on PC

A few months ago came a new phone-oriented operating system, Firefox OS, which promises much. Although the range of devices on which you can run Firefox OS is still tiny compared to Android, has attracted the best expectations, according to early users who anticipated and have installed on their computers.

However, Firefox OS needs more coverage. To do this, the developer community has released an emulator that would allow you to run it from any PC, with full functionality of active hardware. That is, if turn the webcam, it will be activated on the PC as if it were a dedicated device and if you use the rotation in applications that accept it, it will work. Continue reading “Firefox OS: now you can try it on PC”

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iOS 7 Beta manages to captivate the Apple users

Almost a month ago Apple presented the new version of its operating system for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch (not compatible for the first iPad), something that promised a revolution even greater than that caused by the first iPhone. Since then, Apple users have given their support to version 7 with expectations confirmed by the percentage of Internet use.

iOS 7 Beta

And is that iOS 7 and represents 0.46% of Internet traffic, according to some statistics collected by specialists in mobile systems. Users have expressed their eagerness to leave the iOS7 Beta, reinforced by the new features that are designed to improve the user experience, with new applications and less cluttered interface than the previous version. Continue reading “iOS 7 Beta manages to captivate the Apple users”

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Retrieves the Start menu in Windows 8

When Microsoft introduced its new operating system Windows 8 proposal was to achieve a system oriented to touch devices, with big boxes called Live Tiles where the shortcuts are housed and the most relevant information on major programs and applications.

Windows 8 start menu

But one of the strong reviews from users are associated with the absence of the start menu, so alternatives were recovered this common element of the previous Windows but with an aesthetic style similar to the Metro UI interface. What is the Start Menu? For a complete listing and even faster access to Windows features and the applications installed. Continue reading “Retrieves the Start menu in Windows 8”

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Reboot-to: change operating system from the menu

It seems that many of us have multiple operating systems installed. While I usually have an installation of Linux and Windows on the same computer, I met people who had several installations (up to 5 different OS). For the step from one OS to another when you change faster, what if we change OS from a menu?


Reboot-to allow us to change operating system start from a small menu that can open from Windows, without going through the pre-boot menu for each operating system. We will win in quickly because we will not have to do the usual selection after the BIOS is loaded. Continue reading “Reboot-to: change operating system from the menu”

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