Microsoft wants to overtake the output of IE10 for Windows 7

Undeniably, Windows 8 had a beginning and not too promising as optimistic as Microsoft believed it. Today there is a base of users who use Windows 7 that are still majority, since the most recent operating system of the company has received more criticism than praise.

IE10 for Windows 7

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to sink the accelerator as much as possible and advance proprietary browser version of Windows 8 and the Surface. The version of IE10 for Windows 7, which should have been ready by the end of March, the doors would appear in late February. Continue reading “Microsoft wants to overtake the output of IE10 for Windows 7”

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The Linux Foundation is trying to ensure the installation of Linux on Windows 8

Both the Linux Foundation and responsible for some Linux distros, work to avoid the blocking of the UEFI of Windows 8 and in obtaining digital keys from Microsoft.

installation of Linux on Windows 8

A few months ago, it was announced that Windows 8 would use a protection system that would recognize all the operating system that it wasn’t Windows 8, as malware. All this, thanks to the UEFI secure boot, that Microsoft will implement on computers that incorporate Windows 8 as main system. Continue reading “The Linux Foundation is trying to ensure the installation of Linux on Windows 8”

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Google Apps drop support for Internet Explorer 8

The Mountain View giant has announced officially that no longer offer support for Internet Explorer 8 from November 15 in Google Apps.

Google drop support Internet Explorer 8

Remember that Internet Explorer 10 will be available worldwide on October 26, when the global launch of the final version of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. With this decision, Google intends to set its development efforts on compatibility with modern browsers, bypassing older browsers. Continue reading “Google Apps drop support for Internet Explorer 8”

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Download Windows 8 is already possible for the public

Download the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft in it’s RTM (Ready to manufacture), the prelude to its final version, which will be launched by the giant from Redmond: Microsoft, in October of this year, specifically and according to all the rumors on day 26, it is already possible.

Windows 8 operating system

If in a principle download Windows 8 RTM was destined for a few privileged, namely the MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft has made has availability to download Windows 8 RTM to the general public.

While Microsoft only would be available to subscribers of payment of MSDN and TechNet the RTM version of Windows 8, the Redmond have reconsidered and wanted to bring its new operating system to the general public. So Microsoft has made available a version of Windows 8 RTM for the rest of mortals, but with conditions. Continue reading “Download Windows 8 is already possible for the public”

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What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?

Beta versions of IOS 6, the new OS to be released next fall, limit the number of applications that can be installed on a single device. According to developers, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will become unstable in iOS 6 with some 500 applications until the moment that can not even boot with the installation of some theoretical 1000 applications in total.

iOS 6

According to the news, Apple was aware of the problem but had not put hands to the work to get a solution, because “the number of devices that may have more than 500 applications are too few” (only for the iPhone can be found approximately 700 applications in the Apple Store). Continue reading “What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?”

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Haiku R1 Alpha 3: An alternative operating system

In addition to the alternative Linux, other operating systems that have been present through the years, with a quite high level of followers. One is Haiku, which passes through its Alpha 3. Haiku is a continuation of BeOS, another already missing alternative operating system, based on BSD.


The most touted in the use of Haiku is the simplicity. The desktop is divided into two parts: on the one hand, we have the icons to navigate through the directories, grouped in the top left of the screen, while to the right groups the applications menu, with a number of pre-installed applications. Although applications are simple, it meet or exceed with the average user, but will disappear in lack applications a little more elaborate in the standard installation that is low on the network. Continue reading “Haiku R1 Alpha 3: An alternative operating system”

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eyeOS: operating system

eyeOS is a great tool easy to use, but overall very good, because with it we can manage all our documents, as well as all our personal information without any problem, since it was created to be a personal desktop manager.


EyeOS also has various features and applications that help us to work with, such as Document Manager, a calendar, a navigator, text editor, a web browser, a calculator, an internal messaging client, a panel of configuration among many other things, which gives us this great operating system.

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SliTaz: operating system

SliTaz is a great operating system to Linux simple and easy to use, since it is a mini distribution that can be used without any problem, which need not be installed on a hard drive as you boot from a CD or USB stick.


SliTaz also accounts with different tools and applications to help us understand or when working with it, because it offers us a window manager, Firefox, Transmission, as well as also a text based installer, partition manager and a package installer itself.

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Windows Vista will be supported until 2017

Good news for those who still are Windows Vista users, since Microsoft has confirmed that the operating system will continue to have support extended by 5 years, specifically to the year 2017, despite the fact that the main support will expire on April 10 this year.

Windows Vista

The extended support will ensure that users of Vista, in Business and Enterprise versions, will be with patches and updates in the field of security, although obviously, will not have updates that improve the functionality of the OS. Continue reading “Windows Vista will be supported until 2017”

Linux Mint: operating system

Linux Mint is a great operating system with very elegant design, as it was based on the popular Ubuntu.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint also has several applications such as, Compiz Fusion, indexed files, search engine Tracker, Adept Manager, and now KDE environment, so as we will also have programs like Amarok, Firefox, OpenOffice, Kopete, KTorrent, Konversation, KMyMoney, MPlayer, Kaffeine or Envy, plus it is best that Linux Mint can be used as a LiveDVD or installed on a hard drive, with the help of an intuitive wizard and support for multiple languages.

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