Online Marketing 101

Today digital marketing strategies are an important role in the distribution channels for products or services of different companies or companies. The digital marketing innovation represents a channel that daily demand more investment and is the fastest growing sector due to high marketing of desktop computers and mobile devices at the global level.

digital marketing strategies

If you’re a marketer, business manager, project manager, seo, entrepreneur and you need some steps to carry out a ruled by the results strategy, here we propose in the infograph some steps or tips: Continue reading “Online Marketing 101”

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Moneypenny, the virtual assistant who is working on Facebook

The race to make the best virtual assistant has begun. Since a few weeks ago we are witnessing a rather particular panorama: the see how several companies are working on such programs, designed to make life easier for users. Google, Apple and the most popular businesses have already been put to work. But, of course, in all of this is missing a name: Facebook.


The company’s social network seemed unwilling to enter this industry, but recent reports have denied a task that is already immersed a good team of programmers. As we have seen recently, Facebook is working on a virtual assistant for mobile phones, Moneypenny, a feature that will be included in Facebook Messenger. Continue reading “Moneypenny, the virtual assistant who is working on Facebook”

Layout, Instagram application to create mosaics

Instagram, the social network where you can share images, has just launched Layout, an application that allows us to attach multiple photos to create a mosaic. The truth is that there are many apps that we find in the app stores that offer this feature, but Instagram has decided to launch his own. Layout is simple and has no advertising, something we often find ourselves in applications.

layout instagram

Just have to select the photos we have on our device, or make a catch with Photo Booth option, then use them in the creation of our mosaic. The application allows us to zoom in on images, drag, position them wherever we like, invert or rotate to create the desired effect. The maximum number of pictures that we can include it will be nine images for collage. Continue reading “Layout, Instagram application to create mosaics”

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Periscope: Doing streaming video on Twitter

The streaming video on Twitter is a feature we’ve been waiting for many years. Some services have approached it, but the truth is that they had some limitations, in the end, did no more than tarnish the final result. However, since the company has learned a lot, and have recently announced the availability of Periscope, a feature that help to broadcast digital content on the social network.


We should note that Periscope was bought in January by Twitter, so you only have had to make some changes to get everything ready. In fact, they are implemented some features that will help to enhance the service. For example, we can chat and save our videos for later viewing. Continue reading “Periscope: Doing streaming video on Twitter”

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Videos and group conversations come to Twitter

A time ago Twitter announced that 2015 would bring this news, and so is the social network that was born to publish texts of no more than 140 characters, now presents its new service makes group conversations with up to 20 people and realization and editing videos from the application itself.

group conversations in twitter

We will not have to use other tools to upload photos and videos to our Twitter profile, for both the mobile web version and can use the camera to take pictures or videos up to 30 seconds. It also offers us the option to edit what we record before publishing. Continue reading “Videos and group conversations come to Twitter”

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Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of the app for Android

While 3G and 4G service already reaches countless countries, there are still many places where they can not enjoy this speed, so Facebook has launched an application that works perfectly in places that only have 2G.

facebook lite

Facebook Lite is the name of this app for Android that was born to give service to the emerging countries and being used especially in lower-range phones. While the normal application of Facebook reaches about 30MB, this version just weighs 252 KB, although it can be used with 2G but with a speed of navigation misses the 3G, we can see photos and publications without problem. Continue reading “Facebook Lite, a lightweight version of the app for Android”

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Tumblr is the social network with faster growth

As the latest report of the analyst firm GlobalWebIndex, the social network Tumblr is by far the fastest grown in the world, far exceeding Facebook, as this to have a lot of users seem to have bottomed out and now struggle to make new users to keep them actively.

tumblr analysis

If we stop to see the data corresponding to the second half, we can see that Tumblr has grown by 45 percent in terms of new users, while in terms of active people; this network has increased by 120 percent. With these figures, the social network run by Yahoo! is positioned to the first in growth of new users. Continue reading “Tumblr is the social network with faster growth”

Twitter adds the option to mute users

How to follow someone or deny our friendship in social media is a commitment for many because there are users who do not take it at all well. However, many users have in our timelines we prefer to stop reading for different reasons but can not delete them and for that Twitter has come to our aid and enabled the mute function to specific accounts.

twitter mute option

Having this functionality was already possible thanks to some customers but Twitter was experimenting with it and finally added both official Android and iOS clients and their version. If you want to use in this case you only have to click on the ‘More’ button that appears under the message of a user and the option of silence will appear. This option also appears on the ‘More Actions’ are displayed when viewing a user. Continue reading “Twitter adds the option to mute users”

Twitter and Amazon team up to allow purchases with a single tweet

One of the keys to run a online store is to offer users a simple way to purchase the products. At Amazon the buying process already works pretty well but after the announced partnership with Twitter to add a product to their shopping cart is going to be as simple as responding to a tweet.

Twitter and Amazon team

This will be possible thanks to the AmazonCart utility which begins to be available in the U.S. and United Kingdom. With AmazonCart those users who wish to can link their accounts at Amazon and Twitter. From that moment you can add products to the shopping cart simply reply to any tweet that contains a link to a product from Amazon including the hashtag #AmazonCart.

This utility is available only for public accounts. Reply the tweet does not imply that the purchase was done automatically, i.e., simply added to the cart and later we can confirm the purchase or not so those who have a tendency to compulsive shopping may think more carefully if they need what they asked for.

In this video Amazon shows how AmazonCart works:

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