‘Nearby Friends’ will report on which Facebook friends are close to us

At the moment it is a feature that will be available only in the United States but if successful it is likely that within a while everyone on Facebook can know who their friends are near them. That is the functionality provided ‘Nearby Friends’ and will be available in upcoming updates of Facebook for mobile devices.

Nearby Friends

‘Nearby Friends’ will be optional and if we activate it, will tell us that other users are in the same area as us, which, according to Facebook, can be useful for us to meet them at a certain point. When we select this utility will receive notifications about friends who are in that area if we want to interact with them. Continue reading “‘Nearby Friends’ will report on which Facebook friends are close to us”

Twitter will notice on its Web version

Recent studies appeared on Twitter that indicate that many users are leaving without seeing the social network utility or approximately 40% are less active should be a spur to its developers that continue to make improvements with which to curry favor with their users. The latter has to do with the notifications to arrive in the web version of Twitter in brief.

twitter web version

Notifications are commonplace in Twitter clients but users we missed the web version which is necessary to cover the tab notifications or private messages to see whether there was any interaction. In short, it is not necessary to do this because will pop-up windows appear when someone interacts with us. Continue reading “Twitter will notice on its Web version”

Facebook connectivity Lab wants to bring Internet to everyone using drones

Universal access to the Internet in such a way that any inhabitant of the world can access the network is one of the main objectives of this century. As large companies like Google or Facebook and get behind projects that are announced are all engineering challenge but when carried out will be a breakthrough for all, it must be said, a good business opportunity for all companies that do business on the Internet.

facebook using drones

If a few months ago, Google’s attempt to bring the Internet to everyone using balloons, this week we have known that Facebook will launch a project with a similar goal and seeks universal access to the Internet in collaboration with Internet.org and using drones. Continue reading “Facebook connectivity Lab wants to bring Internet to everyone using drones”

Twitter evaluates the option to have favorite users with a separate timeline

In Twitter continue working to provide useful features for users and one of the last who are evaluating has to do with the ability to mark certain accounts as favorites. At the moment this option is under evaluation and, depending on the reception that has among the testers, we will see it in the future in our accounts or not.

twitter favorite users

The option of checking accounts as favorites would be an evolution of the current lists of Twitter. If eventually could include adding a favorite brand to some accounts. Then we could separately review our full timeline or the timeline of these popular accounts so that their publications would be easier to follow that would no longer lose in the middle of the tweets from the many other accounts that follow. Continue reading “Twitter evaluates the option to have favorite users with a separate timeline”

LinkedIn adds functionality to block users

Perhaps because of its strong professional character LinkedIn had no functionality to block other users, which is common in other social networks. The defendant had brought this feature in recent years and since the company have heard requests implementing this functionality that will soon be available in all profiles.

linkedin block users

The reasons to block other users depend on each one but this feature was demanded primarily to keep clean our updates feed avoiding appearing in lots of messages that interest us and prevent us from focusing on what is really useful for us.

In LinkedIn support team explains the steps to block a user, but it is easy because you only have to go to that user’s profile, open the menu of options to interact with him and select the option of blocking.

When a user is blocked do not receive a notice, which is quite logical. By blocking someone add it to our list of locks that can hold up to 50 blocked users. These blockages can be removed but to apply the option to exchange messages with the other user will be lost, all recommendations will be deleted and the system did not suggest it more like a contact who might know.

Facebook working on a data file system based on Blu-ray

Whether or not you dead on Blu-ray and all other physical media, the reality is that the physical media are still used and much. Therefore, Sony and Panasonic working on Blu-ray storage of 300 GB, for example, giving more life to the physical disk for archiving large volumes of data. And Facebook has also decided on a similar solution.

facebook data file system

The social network is preparing a system for archiving images, sounds and videos of its users, which could serve as emergency data backup. The particular detail of this initiative is that it will in 10,000 Blu-ray discs and not on hard drives or even SSDs. And the cost of doing it on physical media is less to do on hard disks or other media. Continue reading “Facebook working on a data file system based on Blu-ray”

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Facebook would be experimenting with it sympathizes button

A question that emerged by always about Facebook is that there is a button that call dislikes. And is that some Facebook entries, as the announcement of the death of any person or any event that is not exactly cheerful, not stick too well with the famous I like, because it may seem that whoever is “liking” something sad or unpleasant, does so without the slightest sensitivity.

facebook sympathizes button

Therefore, the social network would be experimenting with a new button called sympathize. This button will attempt to express that we share the negative post feeling, without the ridiculous end to like to the news of the death of a person. Continue reading “Facebook would be experimenting with it sympathizes button”

Facebook updates the latest news section (Newsfeed)

Facebook has updated the Newsfeed, section featuring the latest social network. The objective of News Feed is to show the best content to the right people at the right time, either a friend or a news source. And it is that during the past year, more and more people have been finding news on Facebook.

facebook newsfeed

As data, the benchmark average Facebook traffic to news sites has increased by over 170% this past year, which is almost triple the traffic last year. This update to the latest ranking recognizes that people want to see the most relevant news, and what their friends have to say about it. Continue reading “Facebook updates the latest news section (Newsfeed)”

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Twitter could eliminate the ability to send private messages to any user

Twitter continues to explore new options for their network and experiencing the coming few weeks ago was the ability to send direct messages to people who do not follow each other. It seems that Twitter makers are not convinced at all to incorporate this functionality and so far have disabled it.

twitter eliminate send private messages

This functionality was active from late October for some users. Twitter seemed wanted to get close to instant messaging style like Whatsapp, Line, and the similar. We do not know if it is that the tests have not been satisfactory or that it is simply a step backwards to return stronger and bring an improved version of the functionality but combat applications such as Whatsapp that are already so seated among the users is not a task nothing simple. Continue reading “Twitter could eliminate the ability to send private messages to any user”

Facebook redesigns the “Like” and “Share” buttons

Facebook has announced a new design for the “Like” and “Share” buttons to help people share more and better content across the web. Today these two buttons have achieved tremendous popularity, because they are viewed over 22 billion times a day over 7.5 million sites.

facebook button

These buttons will replace the traditional “hand with thumb up” accompanying Facebook since 2010. The new buttons are characterized by bright blue and the traditional “F” which identifies the signature. Continue reading “Facebook redesigns the “Like” and “Share” buttons”