PayPal is no longer secure: A customer identified at the request of Sony Music

One of the most striking and interesting features of PayPal is that although we should identify the convenient way to create an account, we also had a certain privacy in the sense that the company would not disclose our data. This has allowed users to get their money, legal on most occasions, more or less safely. Until today. And it is that the last thing that happened on the platform could be considered as the gateway to a loss of privacy.

paypal no longer secure

Recently a German court has forced PayPal to hand over the personal data of a user who was profiting thanks to a page downloading content via P2P. Previously, Sony Music had denounced the fact, arguing that the copyright of their creations are violated. In fact, the decision has made it possible to know the identity of the offender. You could even say that, from these data may be implemented other measures. Continue reading “PayPal is no longer secure: A customer identified at the request of Sony Music”

More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan

If we mention the name of Gooligan, it is clear that many will be left with a frown. It is no wonder, because this computer virus was almost unknown until a few hours ago. Yes, we talk about a malware that has already made theirs, and now could be considered as one of the biggest threats for devices with installed Android.

violated by gooligan

The virus was originally discovered by the company Check Point Software, which ensured that there were at least 86 applications outside the official bazaars for Android that had integrated virus. The main problem is the extracted results: allegedly, has already affected more than one million devices, which means they have stolen so many Android accounts associated with them. And talk about Android and Google accounts is the same. Continue reading “More than one million Android accounts have been violated by Gooligan”

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KickassTorrents, the latest victim of the fight against piracy

If you are regulars to download torrents, we’re sure you know KickAssTorrents. We are talking about one of the largest trackers of Internet, with thousands of content available that, on occasions, also violated the rights of author. However, the fight against Internet piracy has claimed a new victim. It was the Polish justice that has proceeded to arrest the alleged founder of KickassTorrents, in addition to commandeer the domains that were being used. The portal is inaccessible.


Artem Vaulin is a 30-year-old Ukrainian citizen who has been accused of serious infraction of the copyright. After being arrested, the US Justice Department has applied for extraditing in order to be able to judge him. The US District Court in Chicago claims that the material that was available for download has a rating of over 1,000 million dollars. A particularly high amount. And the possible motive of persecution. Continue reading “KickassTorrents, the latest victim of the fight against piracy”

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Western Digital will buy SanDisk for $19,000 million

Western Digital and SanDisk are two of the most important companies in the components sector. Take a look at your hard drive, for example. We are sure you will find their names somewhere near the motherboard. For months it was rumored the possibility that Western Digital bought SanDisk. Something that has been confirmed recently. Two of the most important companies of the world will join forces.

Western Digital and SanDisk

The latest movements carried out by Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd, a renowned Asian investment group, could mean the hoot of the operation, which would involve the disbursement of 19,000 million dollars. If all goes well, the acquisition of SanDisk would take place in 2016, with a bid set at $86.50 per share in stock, approximately. Continue reading “Western Digital will buy SanDisk for $19,000 million”

WhatsApp reaches 900 million monthly active users

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular application of the moment. It is not only used to be continuously in contact with our friends and family. It has also changed the culture, even adding a few words to the usual vocabulary. The success is so overwhelming that we can see the program running in the most unlikely situations.

WhatsApp reaches 900 million

You know that the company does not usually publish their statistics regularly. The data arrives at the net every few months so we can get an idea of the performance of the application. Although, according to the latest numbers that have come to the Internet, it is clear that active users have risen as the foam. Continue reading “WhatsApp reaches 900 million monthly active users”

You can now play video games in Facebook Messenger

The news confirmed already long: Facebook Messenger was to update with new possibilities. And there have recently included games. Thus, thanks to the latest patch released for instant messaging client now we can play a game with our contacts without the need to stop talking. Quite comfortable.

play games in facebook messenger

The service, for now, is limited to a single game: Doodle Draw. However, it will allow us to test the stability of the new system while we wait for more news and projects. If you want to check it out, you just have to go to the Utilities section in the own Facebook Messenger. Yes, the title must be downloaded individually. Continue reading “You can now play video games in Facebook Messenger”

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YouTube Kids, in trouble for inappropriate content

As you know, Youtube Kids is a version of Youtube dedicated to the youngest members of the house. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store, giving the ability to access content for children completely free of charge. However, the fact that the users who uploaded the material may also lead to problems.

youtube kids

The inappropriate content has not done much to expect. According to The Wall Street Journal, it has been a few days ago when content has been detected “extremely disturbing and/or potentially dangerous for children”. The alarms have jumped because it is elements that could seriously harm the children to see. Continue reading “YouTube Kids, in trouble for inappropriate content”

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Facebook connectivity Lab wants to bring Internet to everyone using drones

Universal access to the Internet in such a way that any inhabitant of the world can access the network is one of the main objectives of this century. As large companies like Google or Facebook and get behind projects that are announced are all engineering challenge but when carried out will be a breakthrough for all, it must be said, a good business opportunity for all companies that do business on the Internet.

facebook using drones

If a few months ago, Google’s attempt to bring the Internet to everyone using balloons, this week we have known that Facebook will launch a project with a similar goal and seeks universal access to the Internet in collaboration with and using drones. Continue reading “Facebook connectivity Lab wants to bring Internet to everyone using drones”

Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player in future installments of the Firefox browser

With the arrival of HTML5, many were those who believed that Flash Player would disappear, without a trace in the history of the Internet. It has not been so, Flash Player is still alive, and although it gives some problems on certain browsers, depending on the operating system that we are talking about.

Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player

The truth is that Mozilla prepares to present at upcoming versions of Firefox to the emulation of Flash. This will consist of an own player which can play JavaScript without having installed any Adobe plugin. Continue reading “Mozilla is preparing to emulate Flash Player in future installments of the Firefox browser”

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More than half of the apps are dead

The world of applications is overly competitive. Thousands are launched every day; they have to contend with the existing ones to be seen, at least. Then they have to appeal to users and these also give them publicity. And besides that you have to perform maintenance of these apps. It is very complicated and therefore more than half are already abandoned.

apps analysis

Applications are considered dead are those who have never been updated and they have less than ten ratings or reviews in the shops of the world’s three most used operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. So it is important to update apps regularly. It is very useful for mobile phone application because every month lots of new mobile device released and for these mobile apps should also be updated. If you want to updated your apps contact

In total more than 700,000 applications between the three operating systems, with Windows Phone which has a higher percentage with 69% dead applications. IOS followed with 65% and Android with 41%. Continue reading “More than half of the apps are dead”