UFW – facial recognition software in the U.S.

UFW or Universal Face Workstation is the new face recognition software that the FBI has provided to all police organizations across the United States.

facial recognition software

This new software deployed has a national database of eye recognition; this software has been tested since February in Michigan and released on September.

The operation of the software is intended for police analysts who have access to a database of approximately thirteen million images. The purpose of the UFW and it is easy to make a police search using images. Continue reading “UFW – facial recognition software in the U.S.”

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Google Apps drop support for Internet Explorer 8

The Mountain View giant has announced officially that no longer offer support for Internet Explorer 8 from November 15 in Google Apps.

Google drop support Internet Explorer 8

Remember that Internet Explorer 10 will be available worldwide on October 26, when the global launch of the final version of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. With this decision, Google intends to set its development efforts on compatibility with modern browsers, bypassing older browsers. Continue reading “Google Apps drop support for Internet Explorer 8”

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Java returns to security problems, shortly after its last update

Java goes again to our home by a security problem, just a few days later to launch its latest update. Oracle, unable to ensure the safety of its millions of users worldwide, fixes a serious security problem, revealing to apply the new update, a new security hole worse than the last, since it allows an attacker to more easily jump the Sandbox of our virtual machine.

java security

Interestingly after solving a serious security problem, this patch is evident and further facilitates an attacker to jump to the Bullfighter Sandbox protection of the Java virtual machine, allowing it to easily run any type of malicious code or use several exploits in order to damage the system. Continue reading “Java returns to security problems, shortly after its last update”

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Google uses hackers for the second time this year to find bugs in browser

The giant Google will draw a second time so far this year to hackers for errors and bugs in open source browser: Google Chrome. The leader in communication to improve the safety of Google Chrome, deal two million dollars between those “programmers” to grab the giant warning about a bug in its rapid and used by thousands of users browser.

errors in Google Chrome

In the next conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 10 October and called Pwnium, Google will encourage the best hackers in the world to challenge their security barriers dividing awards in various categories. Continue reading “Google uses hackers for the second time this year to find bugs in browser”

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Soon Android will have support for multiple user accounts

The Linux-based operating system of Google, Android, is a system that is in continuous growth. Since its launch in 2008 it has been improving at a frenetic pace. Its versions have been increasingly offering each time, more ways to interact with devices that have this operating system.

android multiple user accounts

One of the latest rumors about the progress in the system is that, support for multiple accounts in Android tablets start to have more weight, because the web portal, Android Police, has found this function code. Its development and implementation would be a major step forward for Google’s operating system. Continue reading “Soon Android will have support for multiple user accounts”

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Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool

Here we commented on the new super virus that is affecting the network which is able to monitor network traffic, take screenshots, act as a key-logger and perform other monitoring tasks.

Bitdefender removal tool

This malware has been classified as “dangerous and complicated”, is why the company BitDefender has released a tool to find out if you are infected and in addition to being well, remove this threat. Continue reading “Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool”

Digsby is now an Open Source project

Normally when an application goes from being a closed community to a open source project a number of justifiable reasons, there are a number of justifiable reasons, such as lack of time to maintain the application, poor performance, low popularity, and so on. However, Digsby has failed to understand why this change, but is thought to be a sum of the above.


For those who do not know, Digsby was one of the first messaging clients that introduced support for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn) and integration with e-mail accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail,) in fact was considered one of the best options available in Windows because it has a lot of features and also allows connections from different protocols (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber and Facebook Chat), all from a single interface. Continue reading “Digsby is now an Open Source project”

What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?

Beta versions of IOS 6, the new OS to be released next fall, limit the number of applications that can be installed on a single device. According to developers, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will become unstable in iOS 6 with some 500 applications until the moment that can not even boot with the installation of some theoretical 1000 applications in total.

iOS 6

According to the news, Apple was aware of the problem but had not put hands to the work to get a solution, because “the number of devices that may have more than 500 applications are too few” (only for the iPhone can be found approximately 700 applications in the Apple Store). Continue reading “What IOS 6 limits the number of applications that can be installed?”

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AIMP3, now with surround sound and more powerful than ever

The popular AIMP player is updated and now offers a new sound engine as well as other possibilities.

AIMP player

The popular player AIMP has reached version 3 which had been in development for a long period of time. With this release we have included a major new sound engine itself which allows us to use ASIO, WASAPI or DirectSound.

Among other things, AIMP3 also includes support for ReplayGain, has a redesigned audio library, now the theme engine has been revamped and the possibilities of the playlist have been magnified. Of course several bugs have been fixed and other more technical aspects have been improved. Continue reading “AIMP3, now with surround sound and more powerful than ever”

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Facebook thinks of buying Opera Software

Facebook, the social network with greater acceptance in recent times, might be thinking of buying Opera Software, developer of Opera, Opera Mobile for phones and PCs, and Opera Mini: confirmed this purchase the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg would have its own browser.

Opera software

The idea of buying Opera Software could become a reality thanks to the success that Facebook has, since this has allowed it to have a liquidity pretty good, after having left in the bag with an approximate value of 32.595 million euros, about $41,000 million.

If the transaction will take place, from Opera at the hands of Facebook, the Organization of Palo Alto became a big enough company to compete with giant Internet companies that have their own web browsers such as Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome) and Yahoo. Continue reading “Facebook thinks of buying Opera Software”

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