Yanado, a tool for managing tasks and projects within Gmail

Properly organize our tasks and projects are key to improving our productivity initiatives so that continue to appear initiatives to help us with it. Which we present in this article it is called Yanado and offers the ability to manage our tasks and projects from Gmail.

yanado tools

Yanado is based on the following hypothesis: why waste time passing information from Gmail to our project management tool if it can do everything from Gmail? The reasoning seems valid but we believe that it does not adapt to the way of working around the world but can have many people whose tasks revolve mainly around mail to which this form of work is especially useful. Continue reading “Yanado, a tool for managing tasks and projects within Gmail”

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Windows Update MiniTool, a tool to manage updates

The updates of Windows Update have given us more than one headache. Usually they provide new features to the Microsoft operating system, but it is also true that there have been times when we’ve encountered problems and errors that have caused us to have to restore the system to an inner state, or even that we were obliged to format it.

Windows Update MiniTool

With Windows Update MiniTool we can say goodbye, in a way, the problems that exist with some of the Windows Update patches. Basically, it is a little application developed by third parties and unofficial that allows you to install, manage and block upgrades of operating systems. The program’s interface is similar to Windows Update itself, but provides some more possibilities that make it particularly easy task. Continue reading “Windows Update MiniTool, a tool to manage updates”

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Slack, the tool that is changing the way people communicate in many companies

A good communication within a company is essential for everyone to direct their efforts in the same direction and projects to go forward. To communicate with the rest of our team have many tools such as email, chats, video-conference or file sharing, etc. but today we speak Slack, a tool designed to simplify the communication process by grouping all in one channel.


Stewart Butterfly, co-founder of Flickr, initiated this project is having some success in many organizations. Its objective was to reduce the use of email and the number of tools used in each project to improve communication between members of the team. Thousands of users are already using Slack with good results and has a free version so you can try it in your projects. How does it work? Continue reading “Slack, the tool that is changing the way people communicate in many companies”

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Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English

Write in good English is still difficult for so many popping tools that help us with this task. A while ago we told you about Writefull, an assistant to improve our writing in English that has similarities with Ginger, the tool on which we focus in this article.


The objective of Ginger is simple: to help improve the texts that we write in English. That goal can attack their many fronts ranging from the most common and avoid misspellings or grammatical up to others as giving a more native touch to the text using the synonymous and expressions appropriate to each context. Continue reading “Ginger, a tool that helps us to write better English”

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Three free tools to do portable programs

Portable programs have many advantages for, when compared with the versions to be installed on the hard disk. The first is the advantage of portability because it can run on any computer, keeping your settings. And the second most important thing is to not settle, leaves no trace in different locations of the disc, but everything will be contained in a folder in a USB key, in the same hard drive or even in the cloud, within a Dropbox account.


In addition to the known sites to download portable applications such as PortableApps, there is the possibility that we convert ourselves an application or portable program. The final version of the program developed, it may not be exactly like the original, but in most cases it can work in the same way that if you did a full install version. We are going to see then, to three free tools that are used to convert any program in the portable. Continue reading “Three free tools to do portable programs”

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USB Cleaver: Android tool to infect PCs

Android is increasingly at the center of the news, thanks to the exponential increase of mobile device users, their qualities as unsafe system and serve as a means of attack on other platforms. And just this last feature is what we’ll talk here, since an application called USB Cleaver to infect PCs; just connect your phone to PC.

USB Cleaver

The discovery has been made by analysts of F-secure and the application in question consists of a small file of 3Mb that has the ability to steal passwords of Windows of many programs, in addition to steal the password of the Wi-Fi connection of the PC of the victim. Continue reading “USB Cleaver: Android tool to infect PCs”

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DriverUpdate: A powerful tool for updating drivers

DriverUpdate is the best tool to have our drivers updated and always ready in case we need PC formatting.

Although this is not a free application, the program is highly recommended, and the trial version serves as a plenty to learn about the wonders of its design, simple and quick, and its functionality, designed to keep all our PC components functioning optimally and the latest version of their corresponding drivers. Continue reading “DriverUpdate: A powerful tool for updating drivers”

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Fabar Service Scanner: A great tool for network troubleshooting

When at last we finished cleaning a virus, those carrying days remove, probably appear other problems. And is that the damage that caused the virus was so widespread within the system files and registry, it is not strange that suddenly do not want to connect computer to the Internet, among other problems that have been observed.

Fabar Service Scanner

Why is this? State because the battle against the virus and the performance of the same virus is loaded system files or alter the registry in a way that it is impossible to make the computer work normally, and then disinfect. Among the most useful tools that have discovered recently, is Fabar Service Scanner. Continue reading “Fabar Service Scanner: A great tool for network troubleshooting”

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Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool

Here we commented on the new super virus that is affecting the network which is able to monitor network traffic, take screenshots, act as a key-logger and perform other monitoring tasks.

Bitdefender removal tool

This malware has been classified as “dangerous and complicated”, is why the company BitDefender has released a tool to find out if you are infected and in addition to being well, remove this threat. Continue reading “Find and eliminate the virus Flamer with this tool”