These are the recommendations of Edward Snowden to protect privacy

Edward Snowden has become a real personality on the Internet. No wonder: after working for years for the NSA and filter documents showing that we were spying in every possible way, he is now in Russia, reporting on the ways that we have to protect our privacy. According to his comments, we are watching from all kinds of devices, even when they are turned off. Of course, it is possible to use alternatives.

protect privacy

Snowden himself has recently published several useful tips to protect our privacy and security. This is more or less small simple steps to use and help us undetectable on the computer and mobile devices, in addition to preventing from being able to continue track us. If you want to keep you a secret, you can follow them. Continue reading “These are the recommendations of Edward Snowden to protect privacy”

Thunderbird has become a small problem for Mozilla

Thunderbird is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Downloads from the official servers is counted by thousands daily, but the truth is that the very existence of the project might pose a bigger problem than you might think for the Mozilla Foundation. And it is that the same might be thinking to suspend the long-term development.


Mitchell Baker, one of the most popular people in the Mozilla, has admitted in a recent statement that Thunderbird has become a small problem that is removing resources to the project that most interested in: Firefox. In fact, the browser has a potential that is not contemplated in Thunderbird, which are considering taking action. Continue reading “Thunderbird has become a small problem for Mozilla”

Tips for choosing web hosting

Choose appropriate web hosting is one of the most important issues and that is not usually pay due attention when we started a web project.

The “hosting” or web hosting is a service usually offered by specialized companies, which allows us to publish our blog, website or online webapp ensuring their availability and proper operation. Additionally, they tend to offer email accounts, databases, backup and some other more or less interesting services.

choosing web hosting

There are also different types of web hosting. The most common and economical is the shared hosting, i.e. a single machine or server supports a multitude of websites hosted at the same time. Shared hosting has the advantage of price and ease of use, but also some disadvantages:

  • There may be too many sites hosted on the same server.
  • Inappropriate behavior or inefficient applications of the “neighbors” may affect us.
  • The availability of resources in use peaks is not guaranteed.

Continue reading “Tips for choosing web hosting”

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Some tips on computer security should not be forgotten

Every day we use more devices connected to the Internet, spend more time on social networks and generate more digital information such as documents or photos that are usually confidential. This causes increasingly have more dispersed sensitive information on different devices or hosted in the cloud so we should remember some safety tips which are not new but still neglected by many people.

computer security

Use common sense and caution with our devices and when we surf the Internet are the two best advices that can be present. Here we describe some security issue:

  • Keep updated both your operating system and the applications used. Software developers often release updates to fix security breaches as they are discovered. Such updates must be installed as soon as its available and we will thus make things difficult for those that try to take advantage of those safety holes with slightly licit ends.
  • Continue reading “Some tips on computer security should not be forgotten”

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    How to open certain folders with Windows 7 and 8

    As we take a certain pace of work, we realize that most of the time we need to have open certain folders, keep them as files that we use daily. Therefore it would be good to have a functionality that gets these folders open at the same time we start Windows. This functionality we already have, we just have to activate it.

    open certain folders

    The first thing to do is leave open all the folders we want to be opened by Windows. And the next thing is to activate the option. We do so by typing folder options in the search box on the start menu. Continue reading “How to open certain folders with Windows 7 and 8”

    Monitor Wi-Fi network in search of intruders

    Wi-Fi is today, surely the most used to connect from all types of devices. Substituting the classic Ethernet due to the absence of cables, which is ideal for access from mobile phones or laptops, let’s say, drawback is that it does not need wire, anyone with the password can connect to them.

    monitor Wi-Fi network

    Sometimes the password may be easy to crack, or the lack thereof configuration or the device to which we connect does not have enough security to prevent it. Therefore it can be very important to check netwrok behavior analysis, especially if you have noticed a slowing of your connection, Wi-Fi monitor the network in search of unwanted users, and learn to protect it. Continue reading “Monitor Wi-Fi network in search of intruders”

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    Three free tools to do portable programs

    Portable programs have many advantages for, when compared with the versions to be installed on the hard disk. The first is the advantage of portability because it can run on any computer, keeping your settings. And the second most important thing is to not settle, leaves no trace in different locations of the disc, but everything will be contained in a folder in a USB key, in the same hard drive or even in the cloud, within a Dropbox account.


    In addition to the known sites to download portable applications such as PortableApps, there is the possibility that we convert ourselves an application or portable program. The final version of the program developed, it may not be exactly like the original, but in most cases it can work in the same way that if you did a full install version. We are going to see then, to three free tools that are used to convert any program in the portable. Continue reading “Three free tools to do portable programs”

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    What is the best office suite?

    The office suites are some of the most ancient tools that have been crafted since computers began to be used at home and in the office. The story goes back to 1994, when began developing the proprietary office suite StarOffice, created by the German company StarDivision. From there free packages and owners succeeded without interruption.

    best office suite

    No doubt one of the great stars of the office is the Office suite from Microsoft. Considered the benchmark for great compatibility and relative ease of use, have not taken any free software packages in a battle with the Microsoft package. OpenOffice and LibreOffice are those that have faced in recent years the power of Microsoft. Continue reading “What is the best office suite?”

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    Turning off the computer automatically

    Today many people use computers to watch movies and listen to music at night, either before bed or along rest. And sometimes not turn off the TV because we were asleep, the computer also causes forgetfulness to fall asleep. Sleep# saves us the trouble of having to get up before bed to turn it off because it is a program that can schedule time it will turn off, plus some other features.


    The install program is very small, less than 2MB download, but for much more than what its name says. And we can actually program the computer to Sleep# to turn off at a specific time, but we can not just turn it off, but force their way into hibernate or sleep mode. Continue reading “Turning off the computer automatically”

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