TeamViewer 8 reaches for Linux

Although TeamViewer 8 for Linux is not hundred percent Linux application (with Wine is to be executed), the development team has unearthed this latest version of the popular program for remote control, desktop sharing, file transfer and online meetings, among other features.

TeamViewer 8

Fixed some problems that had emerged in the beta and at least Ubuntu has no errors. But the really important changes have come with the daemon, which makes it possible to connect to another computer on the login screen, without it being necessary for the other user is currently connected. Continue reading “TeamViewer 8 reaches for Linux”

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Ubuntu phone OS: Available from February

After Canonical announced a mobile version of Ubuntu was talk of this attempt could go to failure with the broad domain that has today Android in the market, however, and in a few days, thoughts on this platform have changed since has begun to demonstrate the benefits of Ubuntu Phone.

Ubuntu phone OS

From CES in Las Vegas, Canonical has started with the evangelism will be the new mobile OS for smartphones that binds to the list which already share leaders iOS and Android. The big advantage is that Ubuntu is built Phone from Android but without using the Java virtual machine, i.e. account with the drivers and the core kernel of Android but does not use java to run. Continue reading “Ubuntu phone OS: Available from February”

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Linux Mint launches version 14 RC “Nadia”

Linux Mint has become a leading force in the Linux world, Ubuntu can not even bend. Based on Ubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” has appeared for download, in its latest Release Candidate version named Nadia, with the desktops Cinnamon or MATE.

Linux Mint 14 "Nadia"

While the desktop Cinnamon happened to version 1.6 of Gnome, MATE premieres his new version 1.4 within Mint. Those who prefer desktops KDE or XFCE versions of Mint, will have to wait a few more days, as the version that includes these desks come in December. Continue reading “Linux Mint launches version 14 RC “Nadia””

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WebOS returns based on Ubuntu

An independent developer has worked to make available to the Open WebOS community, an alternative and unofficial OS WebOS that HP again discontinued last year.

Open WebOS

Over a year ago that HP announced it would discontinue all products with WebOS, the multitasking operating system for embedded systems based on Linux, previously developed by Palm. WebOS was as one distro of Linux open source.

However, the good news is that the developer Chen Ping-Hsun has released a live version of WebOS, called Open WebOS, based on Ubuntu 12.04. The bad news is that it is still in beta and still too many errors. Continue reading “WebOS returns based on Ubuntu”

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Automatix2: install and uninstall Ubuntu applications

Automatix2 is a very easy tool to use with which we can install and uninstall all applications for distros based on Debian, and Ubuntu so easily and without any problems.


Automatix2 also has several features and functions such as install/uninstall most popular applications that are available under Debian, as well as its components and all its drivers, codecs, and also its dependencies and all this with the simplicity of its graphical interface.

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Linux Mint: operating system

Linux Mint is a great operating system with very elegant design, as it was based on the popular Ubuntu.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint also has several applications such as, Compiz Fusion, indexed files, search engine Tracker, Adept Manager, and now KDE environment, so as we will also have programs like Amarok, Firefox, OpenOffice, Kopete, KTorrent, Konversation, KMyMoney, MPlayer, Kaffeine or Envy, plus it is best that Linux Mint can be used as a LiveDVD or installed on a hard drive, with the help of an intuitive wizard and support for multiple languages.

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Must have applications for your Ubuntu Linux machine

Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx has been released about two months ago, and everything goes cool, till this time. How about adding a little more spice to your Ubuntu desktop. Lucid Lynx comes with Ubuntu software center, which is our starting point in this Ubuntu must have applications article. You can install these apps, by simply searching their names on Ubuntu Software Center.

Lucid Lynx

Xchm: Ubuntu comes with support .pdf support by default, but what about .chm files (compiled html file)?. Install Xchm to take of all your .chm files.

Ubuntu restricted extras: Are you unable to play some multimedia formats in your machine?. VLC player works great with almost all media formats, but what if you need to organize and play songs in your favorite player, say amarok or rhytmbox. Search for ubuntu restricted extras in software center, install it and now, you can play almost every media format under the sun.

Gnash: Gnash player is an alternative to adobe flash player in Linux, mainly for 64bit Linux systems as, adobe flashplayer for 64bit linux machines is still a dream. Continue reading “Must have applications for your Ubuntu Linux machine”

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Install JDownloader for Ubuntu

Even though Linux is growing too fast, outshining other operating systems, lack of a nice download manager in Linux is always felt. Jdownloader is finally out which is expected to resolve all your download problems.


Jdownloader is advanced enough to download automatically from Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. Even downloading Youtube videos is supported. Java powers Jdownloader, thus extending the range of platforms of operation. Continue reading “Install JDownloader for Ubuntu”

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What is new in Kubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 Lucid Lynx

As the launch of Kubuntu is about to happen, lets have a look at what is more in Kubuntu Alpha 3 Lucid Lynx. Contrary to appearance, the system is not just a simple release of Ubuntu with KDE. Apart from things like screen loading and other obvious stuff, there is a lot of change in Kubuntu 10.04.

Kubuntu 10.04

One of the major change in this release is that it comes with KDE 4.4.0. Kubuntu Alpha comes with 2.6.32-14.20 kernel, X.Org 1.7.5, Amarok 2.3 beta1 and K3B 1.70. We feel that the Kubuntu team tries to distinguish itself from other KDE based operating systems, with more stuff from canonical. One interesting feature of Alpha version is the configuration modules touch pad, which enables the user to turnoff the touchpad, for example when editing or preparing text files. Firefox too is integrated with KDE, which would be a cause for firefox freaks to switch to kde. Continue reading “What is new in Kubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 Lucid Lynx”

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How to install songbird music player in Ubuntu

Songbird is a open source music player, a digital jukebox and and a web browser, all in one. Like Winamp, it supports extensions and skins feathers. It supports a variety of formats and is an excellent option for organizing your music files in your system.

install songbird

It is built from mozilla and it has a web browser inbuilt within for searching for extensions and plugins. This can be even used for normal browsing purposes Songbird is an advanced music player which even permits use of addons to do amazing things like displaying lyrics of songs while playing etc. Continue reading “How to install songbird music player in Ubuntu”

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