WordPress 4.1.1, a security update needed

If you use WordPress, you know that updates received by the CMS are more or less common. Continually being developed and improved features, so it is normal to see, every so often, the typical sign of new updates. The version 4.1.1 is now available. It is simply a security and maintenance release. Although we can say that it is quite necessary because it solves most of the encountered problems.

WordPress 4.1.1

First of all, to mention that the proper developers have admitted that it is a question of an essential update, as it fixes a security problem of serious XSS that allows compromising the platforms. If you do not implement the new version, very much we are afraid of that you are in danger. Continue reading “WordPress 4.1.1, a security update needed”

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WordPress 4.2.4: An update that fixes critical bugs

WordPress is a fairly safe CMS that stands out not only by the large amount of utilities that it have, but also because there is an extremely large community that is always working to improve and perfect. Of course, there are occasions in which security failures cause that everyone in alarm. The good thing about this kind of application is that, in a short time, settled the defects that are found. The same thing has happened on WordPress.

wordpress update

Recently, several of the collaborators of the CMS have found serious vulnerabilities that have led to the release of this version, 4.2.4, which helps to avoid problems in the system. As announced by the teams have closed six grave faults, including one that would allow SQL injection, engaging all affected websites. Continue reading “WordPress 4.2.4: An update that fixes critical bugs”

Differences between responsive, adaptive web design and mobile app

If you have an online store on the Internet, you’ve probably already realized that it is important to have a well designed website.

responsive web design

We must go further and get your site display well on mobile devices and for this we should design our website from well known company as like as columbus website design. But for this there are several ways to achieve this. You’ll have to choose which one you think best suits for your business.

Responsive Web design
It is the most common way to adapt a web to the mobile screen. What is a responsive website?

It is a type of web design that allows the correct display of the website on different devices, from a smartphone to an iPad or tablet and desktop computers. The same information is sent to the device and this deal with adapting it through JavaScript. Continue reading “Differences between responsive, adaptive web design and mobile app”

How Using Magento Software Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

SEO is very important if you want to ensure that your online store is ranked highly during search engine searches. The more visible you are, the higher the traffic you have to your site. This in turn translates to higher sales and revenues for your online store.

web design software

The SEO process consists of a variety of strategies whose end-goal is to enhance the online visibility you so desperately require if you are to run a successful business. One of the most important strategies is to have a unique website that stands out among the competition. This is where the Magento web design software comes in. Continue reading “How Using Magento Software Can Boost Your SEO Efforts”

Bluefish: programming and web design

Bluefish is a powerful utility with which we can program, so we can also edit web pages very easily and without any problems.


Bluefish also has several features and tools with which we can open, edit and create files in the most popular languages, so we can also create applications or web pages, plus the best of Bluefish is that we will have available a side panel along the browser for files and so gain access to predefined codes

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