Major Windows update: Microsoft fixes serious security issues

Do not be surprised that during the last Windows update the patches took longer to install. Microsoft has made very large changes in the operation of different versions of its operating system by closing a total of 48 vulnerabilities that seriously affected the products. In fact, two of them are critical and affect all versions that are currently available, and supported.

microsoft fixes security issues

Of the 48 holes, 15 of them are present in all versions, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Of course, the company has not been concerned about the existence of these failures, since, for the moment, they have not taken advantage of it in a convenient way. Two of these 15 vulnerabilities are considered critical, allowing even to take control of users’ computers. Continue reading “Major Windows update: Microsoft fixes serious security issues”

Windows 10: Goodbye to the forced restarts of the update

One of the things that bothered us about the Windows updates was that after installing them it was necessary to restart the computer. Something that does not happened in other operating systems. Microsoft has been working on this, being aware that it was a topic that bothers users. They finally got a solution. It will be implemented in Windows 10 Creators Update.

windows 10 update

Microsoft, the request to restart the computer after installing updates, has implemented a new option that allows you to postpone this off until three days. This is logical, considering that many workers take several hours to restart their computers in order not to lose work. Continue reading “Windows 10: Goodbye to the forced restarts of the update”

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Control Panel may disappear in future versions of Windows 10

There is no doubt that the Control Panel is one of the hallmarks of the Windows operating system. It has been around since the beginning, so we have become familiar with it so much that whenever we need something, we open it. However, that view is not shared by Microsoft, where they see it like a small burden that causes more problems than solutions. In fact, they are thinking of removing it.

Control Panel

Just take a look at the latest build released version of Windows 10 Redstone to verify that the existence of the Control Panel is minimal, almost nonexistent. In fact, most of the options have been integrated into the Settings, which can be accessed from the start menu of the operating system. It may still be needed much more time to make the decision to materialize completely. Continue reading “Control Panel may disappear in future versions of Windows 10”

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Windows Update MiniTool, a tool to manage updates

The updates of Windows Update have given us more than one headache. Usually they provide new features to the Microsoft operating system, but it is also true that there have been times when we’ve encountered problems and errors that have caused us to have to restore the system to an inner state, or even that we were obliged to format it.

Windows Update MiniTool

With Windows Update MiniTool we can say goodbye, in a way, the problems that exist with some of the Windows Update patches. Basically, it is a little application developed by third parties and unofficial that allows you to install, manage and block upgrades of operating systems. The program’s interface is similar to Windows Update itself, but provides some more possibilities that make it particularly easy task. Continue reading “Windows Update MiniTool, a tool to manage updates”

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Download the new Build 10158 for Windows 10

No matter that the launch of Windows 10 is a month away. Microsoft is still working on that and it is considered one of the most interesting versions of Windows market. It will be available next July 29, so the final touches are being put in place. Even the proper characteristics of the package.

new Build 10158

Since a few days ago we have available the Build 10158 (are the links to download the 64-bit version at the end of the entry), which can get their hands on the latest operating system features. There are not many surprises. Most of the changes are related to the stability and quality of services offered, plus some GUI related settings. No significant developments. Continue reading “Download the new Build 10158 for Windows 10”

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You can buy Windows 10 in a pen drive

With the advent of digital, many have been those who have tried to dispense as far as possible from the known physical disks. Take up space, they are limited and not particularly comfortable when storing information or having to move them. It has also caused many problems: for example, to install some programs are forced to use them.

Windows 10 in a pen drive

With Windows 10 will get benefits even in the way it is distributed. Although the physical format is interested in the guys from Microsoft, they also want users who don’t have readers from accessing the expected package. For example, the operating system can be downloaded from the official website of the company, giving new possibilities. Continue reading “You can buy Windows 10 in a pen drive”

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Windos 8 return to Windows 7 Professional

We are finding that many users have installed Windows 8 on their PC and are not happy with its performance, or just do not like the new Microsoft operating system.

Windows 7 Professional

That is why, today we will talk about the possibility of downgrade Windows 8 for free, but for this, we have the license of Windows 8 Pro.

The downgrade would make our pc go from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Professional, it is very important to review before we do this; there are official Windows 7 drivers for all components that we have installed on our PC. Continue reading “Windos 8 return to Windows 7 Professional”

The first details of Windows 9 will be released in April

Microsoft will release the first details of Windows 9 on a company event, to be held in San Francisco next April. Although mentioned a few months ago that Windows 9 would just be a collection of updates, it seems to be a completely new OS, which already has code name: Threshold.

Windows 9

Threshold improves many of the features of the current Windows 8.1, improving the interface of Windows 8. Metro will continue to be the basis of Windows 9, this time it seems that Microsoft will implement some “suggestions” made by users, while Metro apps will run on the classic desktop. Continue reading “The first details of Windows 9 will be released in April”

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Xp-AntiSpy: Disables most dangerous features of Windows XP

There are three months for Microsoft close a cycle, the end of official support to Windows XP, the OS that refuses to die, with a high percentage of users that still use it. If you are one of those who want to keep using XP beyond the end of official support, Xp-AntiSpy will help you disable some features that are considered dangerous.


Some of these features to disable are services, others are default XP features such as download codecs automatically, disabling Windows Update or disabling some programs that no longer have reason to be, as the old Messenger. If you had to do it one by one, would take you several hours to configure each of these features, but with Xp-AntiSpy everything is a matter of minutes and check or uncheck the boxes. Continue reading “Xp-AntiSpy: Disables most dangerous features of Windows XP”

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How to open certain folders with Windows 7 and 8

As we take a certain pace of work, we realize that most of the time we need to have open certain folders, keep them as files that we use daily. Therefore it would be good to have a functionality that gets these folders open at the same time we start Windows. This functionality we already have, we just have to activate it.

open certain folders

The first thing to do is leave open all the folders we want to be opened by Windows. And the next thing is to activate the option. We do so by typing folder options in the search box on the start menu. Continue reading “How to open certain folders with Windows 7 and 8”