Restore Point Creator manage your restore points in Windows

The Windows Restore System has taken us many more of one problem and it is therefore inconceivable to reach it have to access more than one menu and look for between many options for the way of throwing it or to create a restoration point. With Restore Point Creator will no longer have these problems, everything will be much faster and able to do the restore point directly from the right mouse button.

Restore Point Creator

The Restore Point Creator interface is very clear and has only three buttons: display the list of restore points, create a new one or restore a certain point. In addition, you can use it to work together with the Task Scheduler to restore, create or delete a new restore point at a certain time. Continue reading “Restore Point Creator manage your restore points in Windows”

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Pokki is the app store for Windows XP and 7

In the real world there are still millions of users that have neither Windows 8, nor with the latest offering for Mac computers, or with an Android-based system and, unfortunately, are not yet sufficiently numerous users of GNU/Linux. Apple, Google and Microsfot have their own stores, targeting the most modern OS. And what remains for those who still use Windows 7, Vista or ancient XP?


Pokki solves the problem settled as an app store, organized in many categories such as entertainment, games, music, news, social, TV and movies, etc. It also has labels like “People” and “New” as well as ratings of “likes” (Facebook mode) to give a reference to the quality of each application. Continue reading “Pokki is the app store for Windows XP and 7”

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Microsoft still trying to fix the bug of SVCHOST in Windows XP

At a time that Windows XP will only get a few months of life and after 12 years of updates and patches, Microsoft is still trying to solve SVCHOST failure that causes the processor occupancy is set at 100% for long periods of time.

fix SVCHOST bug

The latest updates released should have solved the problem, but many users are reporting failures in various forums. According to engineer of the Windows Update team, this problem is caused by the same Windows Update, though still not able to get the problem resolved. Continue reading “Microsoft still trying to fix the bug of SVCHOST in Windows XP”

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How to create split screen video

If you want to create video clip yourself you should use Movavi Video Editor. It is easy to use with windows application and you can also editing music, exporting video in different formats. Here below we describe how to use Movavi Video Editor.

split screen video

  • First download split screen software Movavi Video Editor and install it in your pc. After installing its can open automatically.
  • After installing click Add Media Files and select the video from your pc which you want to replace into split screen video. If you want to select video from dvd then click Add DVD.
  • Then in the timeline, here two video, one audio and one subtitles track present by default. You should need to same number of video clips for place in the split screen. Then click on Video Track to add video track. After added new tracks, drag one video clip onto each track.
  • Then you will go in the effect panel and click on the Transform section where you will see several effects. To create split screen video choose effect which you want and apply it from your video one by one.
  • If you want to change sound of your split screen video you will mute all video using Volume slider and then select which sound track you will apply for your video.
  • Now to save your video click on Save Movie button and choose format that’s suitable for you.
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BootRacer measures the time that it takes to start Windows

If you are someone who installs many programs and accounts with an antivirus and some additional software such as a firewall, the windows may slow start to desperate ends, even if you have cleaned the registry, do not have any infection or you have partitioned the disk.


The reality is that Windows is not very good to manage all installed programs and registry entries. What other OS is a quick process that does not require too much waiting, on Windows startup can be seriously penalized for the programs that start with the OS. Fortunately there are several ways to optimize it, but first we will use a program that will take the time and tell us how long it takes to start Windows, to get it ready for use. Continue reading “BootRacer measures the time that it takes to start Windows”

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Removes all Metro apps in Windows 8 from PowerShell

The vast majority of Windows 8 users coexist with Metro applications in a sort of love-hate relationship. Some defend them (and actually use them), while others have not yet clear why Microsoft has insisted turn our PC into a tablet. Most of the Metro apps are not used regularly and there are many users who would like to uninstall.

Windows PowerShell

It is perfectly possible to uninstall all or at least those that consider that they are only occupying disk space. All this is achieved through PowerShell, the Windows command line. And although the process of uninstalling apps is more direct in Windows 8.1, using a batch, we do so in Windows 8, thanks to PowerShell. Continue reading “Removes all Metro apps in Windows 8 from PowerShell”

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Microsoft offers up to $150,000 reward to those who detect errors

Microsoft wants to ensure the safety of its latest Windows 8 is free from fault for not giving opportunity to the lesser intrusion of malware programs or external control of the system. Therefore, the company has launched a new rewards program for those detected faults and their possible solutions.


Nothing less than $100,000 will Microsoft deliver those who show a vulnerability in Windows 8. Additionally, for those who submit also the solution to the vulnerability, the company will deliver an additional $50,000, an offer very interesting to get hackers working on the side of Microsoft and not against. Continue reading “Microsoft offers up to $150,000 reward to those who detect errors”

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Retrieves the Start menu in Windows 8

When Microsoft introduced its new operating system Windows 8 proposal was to achieve a system oriented to touch devices, with big boxes called Live Tiles where the shortcuts are housed and the most relevant information on major programs and applications.

Windows 8 start menu

But one of the strong reviews from users are associated with the absence of the start menu, so alternatives were recovered this common element of the previous Windows but with an aesthetic style similar to the Metro UI interface. What is the Start Menu? For a complete listing and even faster access to Windows features and the applications installed. Continue reading “Retrieves the Start menu in Windows 8”

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Create your own shortcuts in Windows

If you are a regular user of Windows and its many functions then surely you know some keyboard shortcuts for faster access to your most important programs and major services. As well as predefined shortcuts, there are programs designed to create our own list so that access to a particular application to be customized.


How can create own shortcuts in Windows
The first thing we are going to do will be to search the direct access to a specific program. In the shortcut menu go to the Properties option, and in the Shortcut tab we edit the field which says shortcut key. Continue reading “Create your own shortcuts in Windows”

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ICQ for Windows 8

ICQ, one of the most popular instant messaging programs recognized among PC users, now comes with an updated version for Windows 8. While over the years the software has lost popularity over other proposals like MSN or Google Talk, is still present and still has a very broad user community.

ICQ for Windows 8

ICQ for Windows 8 provides all the tools and services of a program of this nature. We send text messages via the Internet, using voice chat, video conferencing and even use emoticons to add more expressiveness to our messages. Continue reading “ICQ for Windows 8”

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