StartOnDesktop: How to log directly on the desktop of Windows 8

Despite the fact that Windows 8 has been well received, since before its launch (and now, after it) already existed a large number of applications to modify or alter the functioning of the operational, as this new version of Windows offers changes not like those who were accustomed to the old Windows.


In principle the majority of applications are concentrated in bring back the start menu that Microsoft eliminated in Windows 8, others are only responsible for display by default the classic Windows desktop. And, well, if you want this, one of the newer options is called StartOnDesktop. Continue reading “StartOnDesktop: How to log directly on the desktop of Windows 8”

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Evernote Skitch now available for Windows

So, Evernote Skitch or simply Skitch, the ultimate application to make all kinds of screenshots is finally available for Windows (this application had been exclusive to Mac since long time ago).

Evernote Skitch

In celebration of the launch of Windows 8, the development team behind Skitch has introduced a version for the Windows desktop compatible with the latest versions of this operating system and an exclusive version of the Windows Store which only works within Windows 8. Continue reading “Evernote Skitch now available for Windows”

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Windows Post-Install Wizard: a Windows installer with all your programs

Windows Post-Install Wizard is a program that will arm the Windows installation DVD as with all programs, settings and applications that we use regularly.

Windows Post-Install Wizard

The task of installing Windows from scratch is not easy or quick, because after a new installation will have to hunt to find the programs that we had installed on the computer, if we want to remain as it was before. Instead of downloading one by one application, it is good idea to embed them in the Windows installation DVD, so as to install everything at once next time. Continue reading “Windows Post-Install Wizard: a Windows installer with all your programs”

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AIDA64 2.60 adds support for Windows 8

AIDA64 Extreme Edition 2.60 is the new stable and now ready to download the program of the Hungarian company FinalWire, in which adds support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, optimized for AMD tests and support for OpenGL 4.3, APP SDK 2.7 and CUDA 5.0.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition

With AIDA64, which was previously known as EVEREST, we will be able to do benchmark (performance monitoring) and analyze in detail the hardware components of the system, and monitor the performance of your CPU, RAM and hard drive, and also can serve as basis for overclocking the system. Continue reading “AIDA64 2.60 adds support for Windows 8”

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Download Windows 8 is already possible for the public

Download the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft in it’s RTM (Ready to manufacture), the prelude to its final version, which will be launched by the giant from Redmond: Microsoft, in October of this year, specifically and according to all the rumors on day 26, it is already possible.

Windows 8 operating system

If in a principle download Windows 8 RTM was destined for a few privileged, namely the MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft has made has availability to download Windows 8 RTM to the general public.

While Microsoft only would be available to subscribers of payment of MSDN and TechNet the RTM version of Windows 8, the Redmond have reconsidered and wanted to bring its new operating system to the general public. So Microsoft has made available a version of Windows 8 RTM for the rest of mortals, but with conditions. Continue reading “Download Windows 8 is already possible for the public”

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Tinywall: a little help to the Windows firewall

Tinywall is a firewall that is adapted to Windows and improving its capabilities by adding new rules of operation and characteristics.


There are firewalls of all types: some are too involved in trying to stop external threats to the operating system, others do half and others that do little to protect us. Unfortunately in the last group is the Windows firewall.

To give you an idea, some of the firewall of third party automatically disabled the Windows firewall as bad. The first advantage is that Tinywall uses the same criteria of filtration as the Windows Firewall, so it does not use any type of driver to run itself. Continue reading “Tinywall: a little help to the Windows firewall”

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Microsoft Launches First Hotfix for Windows 8

Microsoft has released a HotFix that solves some crashes in the previous version of Windows 8 in the video playback and other tasks.

Windows 8 update

It seems that the latest version Release Preview of Windows 8 has given some problems when viewing videos, even to the time of edit multimedia content or navigating on the Internet. While it may seem or not incredible that Microsoft release a HotFix for an OS that at this point is still experimental, it remains a curious detail. Continue reading “Microsoft Launches First Hotfix for Windows 8”

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Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock

Anyone who used a Mac will know that your operating system is geared towards ease of use, something quite unique in this system is undoubtedly the Dock, it is quite beautiful and functional.

Winstep Nexus

On the other hand, since Windows 7 we have a bar that is intended to provide similar functionality but in fact looks pretty outdated, so that if we have something similar to the Dock of Mac it is best to use something like Nexus.

If you are longing for some time made a decent Dock for Windows in order to change and get rid of a good time on the taskbar Winstep Nexus is for you, this application includes the necessary characteristics to become the definitive Dock for Windows. Continue reading “Winstep Nexus: The most advanced Windows Dock”

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Superior alternatives to: Windows Media Player

Today we talk about the best alternatives to the media player included in the operating system; in other words, Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player

As we have seen through this post, most of the applications that come by default are the most used, especially for novice users and the Media Player is not far behind. However, this piece of software has a few problems such as its low media format support and an interface that appeals to few. Continue reading “Superior alternatives to: Windows Media Player”

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Microsoft also gets into the world of eBooks

Electronic books are gaining places by leaps and bounds really, thanks to the popularity of reading devices that are being sold at a rate higher and higher. As a result, major publishers in the world do not want to miss out on the competition with Amazon and Kindle and prepare to meet them.

microsoft Nook

One that competes head to head against Amazon is Barnes & Noble, one of the largest publishers in the world. Recently, it has unveiled the idea of partnering with Microsoft, in an alliance that clearly benefits both parties as to the presence within the world of digital books. Continue reading “Microsoft also gets into the world of eBooks”