CCleaner will have its App for Android

PC users who use the program of maintenance and cleaning of files CCleaner, surely will be pleased to know that this app will be landing within Android in the near future, is that as happens in Windows, Android applications to install and delete is often leave temporary files in the system.


These files to pass time expands and end up hurting the performance of our terminal, so the arrival of this application developed by Piriform for Android is certainly very well received by the user community.

Piriform boys confirmed the development of CCleaner for Android through its official blog, and also revealed that while still working on the final version, and have reached a stage where test results seem to be more than satisfactory.

Regarding the details of the application, little is known, has revealed a single image where you can find some buttons that reveal the functions that might have this app for Android; we talk about Clean History, Clean Cache and Clean? SMS/MMS. In addition you can also clearly see how the system will operate in the same way; with just a click can we remove the corresponding files in the system.

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