Cerber, the ransomware which now makes DDoS attacks

We cannot deny that the attacks by ransomware have become extremely popular. Threats, in fact, are evolving in different ways, even to become extremely dangerous elements. For example, if a virus is detected, new options develop so that it attacks more efficiently, putting users in situations where their data are in extreme danger.

cerber ransomware

One of the most recent examples is the Cerber ransomware. Initially, the virus was responsible only encrypt files on the infected computer and lock the screen. A fairly simple operation that already was turning a solution. However, it has detected a new version that is responsible for performing DDoS attacks.

After infecting your PC, the virus starts to carry out massive attacks using the UDP network through port 6892. However, the content of packets sent is unknown and, what is worse, the destinations. Not surprisingly, the affected users may be involved in new problems in the event of attacks, made without their consent, they are reported. A rather delicate situation.

At the moment there is no possibility to disinfect this new version of Cerber ransomware, so we’ll have to wait for security experts to put hands to work in order to ensure the equipment. While a solution reaches recommend having much common sense and an effective antivirus that avoids this type of dangers. Only then we will be safe from the threats that exist on the Internet.

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