Check out which applications have access to your online information with MyPermissions

Do you know how many applications you have given permission to access your online information services with Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? For if not know the answer you can find it with MyPermissions, an application that has been running successfully for a while, but remember that every day there are new users in a number of online services and is never more advocate for the security of our personal information.


Our website is growing every day and it is common for many applications or services request access to any information of our account. Many times we give for different reasons that can range from taking a course to have fun with a game but periodically should review these permits and revoke access for those applications that have already stopped using.

This task could be done without the help of any application by going to the settings of each service (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc..) And trying there with the permissions granted. However MyPermissions helps us because we check all the permissions granted to applications that are logged and displays them in a list.

This list will serve us both to know who has access to what data for reviewing such access, for example, revoking it or keeping it if we so wish. In MyPermissions website you can download the appropriate version for your needs as it is available both as an extension of browsers like Chrome and Android and iOS applications.

Then we leave the video presentation of this useful tool for you to see their abilities and appearance:

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