Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics: check Internet connection with the help of Google

It seems that Google is determined to offer a tool for every need, thanks to the Chrome application launcher. Originally intended as a utility for the Chrome OS, now Windows users may also use Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics, is a program that examines our Internet connection problems.

chrome connectivity diagnostics

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is installed from the Chrome Web Store and displayed in the application launcher that includes Chrome for quite a while. When thrown performs a series of tests on the connection to the Internet, taking a few seconds to complete.

At all times we will display a graph of test progress, but without any explanation at the same time the tests are running. However, thanks to the Google store, we found that the application examines several important aspects of the connection, as the DNS server is available, connection blocked by some malicious site, review of the firewall exception, if you have it, the delay in resolving the DNS and connection speed to Google sites.

This can be very useful when we have some suspicion that something is not working as it should in our connection. That yes, not knows if Google collects any additional data, such as private information from your computer. It can be run as an application or as a Chrome extension.

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