Clementine is an excellent audio player based on Amarok

From the creators of the open source player Amarok, arrives Clementine, a very complete player that adds a very important feature nowadays a player that boasts, which is the reproduction of streaming services such as Google Drive, Grooveshark or Spotify.


Clementine has been encoded with the idea of cross-platform in mind. Therefore, it is available both in various flavors of Linux, and Windows and can be installed on a Mac through one of its development versions. It has several customization options to display artist information, plus additional information about the song you are listening to and these data are based on various web sites that Clementine is connected in addition to the full search done through our collections of songs, reading tags and playlists.

However, Clementine is the connection to remote services. While we can achieve using other DVD supplements, as applicable, in Clementine have a large list of radio and streaming services. Since Spotify, SomaFM, to Grooveshark, to lesser known, all we will have to reach to connect.

Another feature to acknowledge is that we control the player and playlists remotely, via Android. Among its curiosities, we can play sound effects as we hear the music (like rain, for example) or modify the sound using a built-in equalizer. We can also customize the background of the interface with a self-image or the name of the artist that we are listening, convert between audio formats (even from CD) and label our songs.

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