Click-free Browsing: Chrome extension to navigate without using the mouse buttons

Days ago a friend asked me if there was any way to surf the Internet without having to move our hands with the mouse. Method seems to be a few possible, including through the voice processing or direct the cursor with the head or with the view, but for now these applications they need a little more.

click free browsing

Now we go a little further, if you will, and we introduce Click-free Browsing, an indispensable tool that leads to the extreme sense of comfort, usability and the simplification when it is time to sit down in front of the computer. If you will not even move your fingers to click and follow links or to increase or decrease the page you are currently deployed with this application will not need to use the mouse buttons.

This program only works in Chrome and is an extension that will add six navigation controls on the right side of the screen. These controls will ensure that we can go up or down the page or navigate to other pages forward or backward; if we place the mouse on a link will appear an icon on which we ought to direct the mouse to open the link without clicking.

The extension works well and we can locate it elsewhere on the screen that is more convenient. The problem is that it only works with sites http and not https, plus you do not see the icons on dark backgrounds. If you get used to these drawbacks and intend to take the lowest possible use of the mouse buttons in Chrome, it may be a valuable utility.

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