Clipping Magic helps you to erase the background of the images

So far to clear the images background we needed some image editing program to specifically perform that function. However, the online tools we offer in few steps facilities that would have required the installation of more complicated programs, but yes, the quality can be questionable.

clipping magic

One of the most useful online sites for those who edit the background of the images is Clipping Magic. Its operation is as simple as uploading the image we want to modify and use only two pointers of red and green colors to delimit the area of the image that we are going to conserve and cut the rest.

It have zoom commands, delete, change the line width of the pointer, we can move the image over the screen when extended, plus be keeping our work. The green pointer defines the edges of the image, so we just have to select and mark the picture that we will keep, usually the edges. The red pointer marking what will go in the area to be clear, at the bottom of the image.

The program is displayed on the right side of the display the result in real time how would the final image. If have any problems in accurately marking the image so there are no pixels without removing, we can expand to make the task easier and the result is as perfect as possible. We may not remain professional quality picture, but we can at least leave a trouble within minutes and without specific programs.

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