Clueful analyzes the security of your Android applications

Android is the operating system most used in the world on mobile devices, but is also a breeding ground for viruses, malware and security threats. Something undeniable when we risk to download apps outside of the official repositories or the developer page. But even so, although updates onto all of Google Play, there are many applications that are quite insecure and that require permissions to skillful and sinister that many times we attach, without pause to examine one by one the permissions granted.


So if you are one of those who already have many apps installed, it is worth verifying the degree of security offered by each. Clueful analyzes installed apps one by one and tells us what permissions is giving our device. It is also activated automatically when we install a new application.

As it is an application of BitDefender, in the first run we made the inevitable discussion of what we have installed and compare the list with the list of programs that are a threat to Android, all of this in the BitDefender database. The list will place the most “dangerous” programs of the first and if we examine each entry will tell the degree of danger posed to our device, whether access to SMS, to GPS locations, permission to make phone calls and access the our own calendar or contact list.

As you have seen, threats on Android are not few. If you have previously given freedom to a program to access all the data and have the phone at will, Clueful happily offers the alternative of no more uninstall the application from its own interface. In short, a good way to have our mobile phone fairly protected. Also not only available for Android, but there exists a version for iOS.

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