Contig is a defragmenter for files or folders

If there is one of the tasks that all good windows user should do from time to time, is the defragmentation. Through it, organize the files in such a way that does not remain fragmented in different regions of the disk, but in a contiguous space to facilitate the access to them, and therefore improve the speed of access to the hard disk.


The problem in certain drives much capacity, with many files, is that defragmentation can take a considerable time. We are talking hours of downtime in certain cases. However, there is the possibility to defragment individually files or folders, with all its internal directory of sub-directories, using a small program called Contig.

Contig is a program with an interface of two that responds to very simple commands. Simply, we must tell you via the command line, that file or folder will defragment. For example, we may decide to defragment a game or a program folder in particular to make it work a little faster.

The additional parameters of Contig are only four, so that the use of the program is not extremely difficult. We can tell the direct path to a folder or file and Let the program do its task without more (something like contig c:\folder) or only analyze fragmentation. We can also see on screen the whole process or simply make that Contig does not show anything on screen, only the final result.

The program is extremely small, portable and works with the APIs of the same Windows, ensuring that there will be no unwanted effects, if we do not defragments the entire disk as what it intends to do the vast majority of defragmentation that are on the market.

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