Convert videos into executable files with MakeInstantPlayer

Normally the video playback is not a problem, however when we share these files with someone else there may be some novel problems as lack of codecs or applications for proper playback. So to avoid frustrations why not make use of MakeInstantPlayer, an application that can convert videos in executable files.


If you are kind and want to make life easy for your family and/or friends may want to take a look at MakeInstantPlayer, an interesting completely free tool that allows us to simplify the process of sharing video.

Overall the program is very easy to use. Simply load the desired video, check through previewing that it will work and finally click the button Make It. With this MakeInstantPlayer will convert the video to an executable file for Windows or .Exe. This way you can be played on virtually any computer.

In tests it has been found that works with most common video formats such as MPEG, AVI, FLV, MOV and XviD. But in theory this can convert any video that is supported by MPlayer. Among other things allows you to customize the executable icon.

MakeInstantPlayer make a great choice for those who share videos all the time.

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