Convert word files into audio with AudioDocs

AudioDocs is a program to convert word files into audio, i.e. all our documents have their version “spoken” with the help of this program. We can use it where we want to transform an audio book or document which need be included in presentations, with more or less decent results.


The chosen format is WAV conversions, so that there is no option to convert to MP3, a format that could give smaller audio files. On the other hand, we are in the presence of a program with an interface with a minimalism never seen; only has a button to switch the format .DOC or .DOCX to WAV, which will open the file browser to locate the file on which going to work.

Once you have chosen the text file, you can choose the voices that used audio. We have three Microsoft voices for this (David, Hazel and Zira), to change the speed of each voice and volume, only adjustments allowed.

The biggest problem is that the voices of the synthesized Microsoft voice have a strong accent in English, so that if we use it for texts that are written in other language, here we have the first problem. The other problem would be the large size of the output file, to be in WAV format.

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