CoolNovo: Chrome fork with extras such as IE Tab, mouse gestures and more

As you know Google Chrome is based on open-source project called Chromium, perhaps the creation of Google is the most popular; however there are other browsers that offer even more possibilities as it is the case of CoolNovo.


One of the principal advantages of CoolNovo is that this browser has the possibility of power render correctly any web site, all thanks to the IE Tab extension. The inclusion of a feature like this expands the compatibility of the browser and allows us to stay away from Internet Explorer.

That’s not all, because it is also includes other special features such as support for mouse gestures, an improved privacy manager, super drag (the browser disappears after pressing a few keys). Moreover, some aspects such as bookmarks and download manager contain extra features and tools.

Despite the advantages that CoolNovo seems to offer, this browser is not for everyone, those who are fans of Chrome you will have to consider to trying it, but if you’re not very convinced CoolNovo you does not change your perspective on this browser; in fact all is not well because to this day still has some buts CoolNovo as small conflicts with the IE Tab and other minor problems, yet these are not relevant.

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