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The purpose of a knowledge base is modeled by computer and store a set of knowledge, ideas, concepts or data and to permit their consultation/use.

knowledge base Software

There are several different methods for creating knowledge base software:

  • A Wiki
  • A CMS
  • A mindmap
  • A concept map
  • An expert system
  • The format “forum”

The wiki is useful for linking together many small pieces of unstructured information (typically a paragraph to a page). Hyperlinks are an essential element of wikis.

The fact that all users contribute to its evolution (and ease of editing) allows evolving rapidly. Another advantage: you can quickly add information, and link with others later.

Among the best known wikis, there is MediaWiki, MoinMoin, etc…

The CMS is oriented towards the publication of documents, so it is much less flexible and “immediate”. But it helps to have a way of validating documents before publication (and therefore more control).

CMS can be more generally for the publication of documents larger (several pages). It is often possible to assign rights for users (access rights only to certain documents, publishing rights etc). The links between documents are generally not easy to make.

You will find many CMS in online and can even test them online.

Expert system
The expert system will allow modeling a body of knowledge so that an operator can use them without having to assimilate them: He simply enters the information at its disposal, and the expert system gives the answer.

Mindmaps and concept maps
Mindmaps and concept maps are quite similar, and their motto is “short”.

We do not enter long sentences, but usually just a few words or phrases (concept, word, item …). It then creates links between all these elements come in, which allows to show visually the relationships, hierarchies and groupings.

This allows rapid reorganization of information, and storing easier.

The format “forum”
The format “forum” is more classical: A list of topics is presented. Click on a title of respect used to read the article.

The articles are often classified into categories. According to the forums, it is more or less easy to make links from one article to another or to include images.

Depending on the software, adding comments is possible or not.

So with knowledge base management software we can manage our company and provide good service to our clients.

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