Create your own shortcuts in Windows

If you are a regular user of Windows and its many functions then surely you know some keyboard shortcuts for faster access to your most important programs and major services. As well as predefined shortcuts, there are programs designed to create our own list so that access to a particular application to be customized.


How can create own shortcuts in Windows
The first thing we are going to do will be to search the direct access to a specific program. In the shortcut menu go to the Properties option, and in the Shortcut tab we edit the field which says shortcut key.

There, the key configuration will need to open the application and go. For example, if we open the Windows Media Player by pressing CTRL+X+A only write that command in the box and click on the Apply button. It’s that simple.

This setting to create shortcuts in Windows can also be used to open a specific document.

Alternative Programs
If the Windows menu and formal settings is not comfortable, you can try a program like WinHotKey, whose improvement over the Windows service is that it saves all the previous steps into a single interface and invites you to create your favorite shortcuts to open specific documents or programs.

Whether one way or another, create shortcuts in Windows is simply to create the key combination is most comfortable for you to save time when opening applications.

Customize your operating system and how you can launch applications is a great way to improve performance in the office or on the computer in general, whether in domestic uses. Configure this type of shortcuts take no more than a few minutes and as benefit saves time in the future without having to navigate from one place to another on the screen to click.

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