DFX Audio Enhancer: Improve the sound from your computer

Because it can play music and videos on your computer, you may also be connected to a string of audio. Through a good player of music software, we can improve the sound using a built-in equalizer, since most of the players have one.

DFX Audio Enhancer

But one of the problems comes when we can not use a music player and better sound qualities. This situation can occur in cases of music or videos that are played through the browser and where no Windows Media Player or the multitude of available alternative players. And here is where we can use DFX Audio Enhancer.

DFX Audio Enhancer enhances all the sounds that come out through the sound card. While many of the audio drivers incorporate some way to control the audio quality (as an equalizer), some card models do not have this feature.

The program includes fidelity controls, ambience, 3D Surround, hyperbass and dynamic boost, in addition to two previously configured modes, Type I and Type II and providing speakers or headphones. In the full version we have access to videos of the artist that we are listening, lyrics, news, related artists or information about the artist.

But there comes the time limitations. The free version only allows you to calibrate the sound to intermediate values. If we go further, we are warned that we must purchase the paid version. However with the free version offering reaches us greatly improve the sound quality and is a good choice in what we think to acquire the full version.

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