Differences between responsive, adaptive web design and mobile app

If you have an online store on the Internet, you’ve probably already realized that it is important to have a well designed website.

responsive web design

We must go further and get your site display well on mobile devices and for this we should design our website from well known company as like as columbus website design. But for this there are several ways to achieve this. You’ll have to choose which one you think best suits for your business.

Responsive Web design
It is the most common way to adapt a web to the mobile screen. What is a responsive website?

It is a type of web design that allows the correct display of the website on different devices, from a smartphone to an iPad or tablet and desktop computers. The same information is sent to the device and this deal with adapting it through JavaScript.

There are several ways to make your store has a responsive design. If you use an e-commerce engine as Magento or Prestashop, you can simply download or buy a responsive design for your store, upload, customize and optimize it.

Adaptive Web design
There is a fundamental difference between the responsive web design and which is known as “adaptive”. The Adaptive offers more advantages in terms of speed that will operate the site and the experience of the user on different devices.

It is a type of design that sends content tailored to each device (tablet, PC, mobile), detected by the server. Thus, avoid sending content that is not suitable for that device. It also allows us to offer different designs for each device, so you can customize more and better user experience.

The only downside for you is that it implies more design work, since you need to create a different one for each device.

Mobile App
So far we have talked about mobile web or mobile versions for the web. But there are many online stores that prefer to create their own mobile app for Android and iOS, so that when a user connects to the site can choose between keep browsing the mobile web or download the app on their tablet or smartphone and make purchases through application.

This type of solution can be far more effective, since it can create loyalty among the public, because once you download the app and submitted your billing information, will only have to press a few buttons to complete your purchase.

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