Digitization of notes written on post-it with Evernote

The notes we took on a post it can be scanned through a photo and automatically added to Evernote. Once added they are synchronized on all devices and are treated in the same way as other tasks or reminders entered into the tool.


Every time we use more frequently the Evernote lifestyle tools that allow us to organize our tasks, reminders and agenda of simple form simultaneously that we have it quite synchronized in our computers, phones or tablets. However there are still situations where we pull the classic post-it to write down some things but … do you know that these notes can automatically digitize and lead to Evernote?

This is possible thanks to an agreement between 3M and Evernote which enabled the latter tool by adding functionality which can photograph a post-it and automatically transform it into an Evernote note. From that moment the note may be treated as other Evernote and make normal duties as add reminders and receive email, add them to a list or assign tags.

By working this way we get the notes we are synchronized on all our devices. In addition, Evernote recognizes handwriting so we can search through the contents of those notes. Another interesting feature is that we can configure the application so that the digitized notes accrue only to certain lists based on the color of post-it on which they are written.

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