Download the new Build 10158 for Windows 10

No matter that the launch of Windows 10 is a month away. Microsoft is still working on that and it is considered one of the most interesting versions of Windows market. It will be available next July 29, so the final touches are being put in place. Even the proper characteristics of the package.

new Build 10158

Since a few days ago we have available the Build 10158 (are the links to download the 64-bit version at the end of the entry), which can get their hands on the latest operating system features. There are not many surprises. Most of the changes are related to the stability and quality of services offered, plus some GUI related settings. No significant developments.

Mention that Cortana, Microsoft Edge, the photo application and SDK have been some changes to improve their performance, although at this point also could say that all the modifications are intended to improve the products themselves, and not to implement new features. Of course, we do not rule out last-minute changes or after launch, but do not expect many surprises.

Normally, when you are preparing the launch of a product and the deadline is just around the corner, the development team’s efforts are focused almost entirely on perfecting it, getting fix all the errors have been found.

Windows 10 will be released in stores on July 29. You know that if you have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 will be able to upgrade for free for the first year. If not, you will be facing licenses that cost at least 100 euro, depending on the version.

We will wait a bit before upgrading. We need products that are completely finished, flawless and without errors. Something we hope to achieve in this Windows 10.

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