Download Windows 8 is already possible for the public

Download the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft in it’s RTM (Ready to manufacture), the prelude to its final version, which will be launched by the giant from Redmond: Microsoft, in October of this year, specifically and according to all the rumors on day 26, it is already possible.

Windows 8 operating system

If in a principle download Windows 8 RTM was destined for a few privileged, namely the MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft has made has availability to download Windows 8 RTM to the general public.

While Microsoft only would be available to subscribers of payment of MSDN and TechNet the RTM version of Windows 8, the Redmond have reconsidered and wanted to bring its new operating system to the general public. So Microsoft has made available a version of Windows 8 RTM for the rest of mortals, but with conditions.

The version of Windows 8 RTM ready for download, it is a trial version valid for a 90-day trial period. Note that as recommended, this Windows 8 RTM is recommended to install on a virtual machine and not on your main system, as this can not be updated, but later acquired the original license of this new operating system, imperatively have to reinstall.

You can download free Windows 8 RTM both 32 and 64 bit version from the official Microsoft link below:

Download Windows 8 RTM

The version available for download Windows 8 RTM is specifically the Enterprise version and is available in several languages.

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