Downloadify (Chrome extension) allowed download music from Spotify

What a surprise have been responsible for the security of Spotify to restrict by any means that users do not download music, whether intentional or accidental. And it is that in the last few hours have been found Chrome extension that allowed downloading MP3 from Spotify music, with a premium account.


The “invention” was the work of a Dutchman named Robin Aldenhoven, who wanted to expose the flaws in the Spotify security system, not encrypt your files in the proper way and not turn any DRM from the player. Downloadify, application created by the programmer, did not last long in the Google store, and it was removed immediately.

For those who want to get a copy of the application, say that Spotify has already been responsible for the problem, closing the door to Downloadify and any other application or program that attempts to download music in MP3 format. But the good seems to come, as it could give other programmers foot to try to decrypt the Spotify music and thus offer it for download, which could become a whole new art.

For now, the same developer who created Downloadify not willing to try to break the security of Spotify again, as he has said he would not cause harm to Spotify and that the best solution for those who want music is paying for it. As it should be.

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