DVD Copy software packs the ability to create customizable

We are all familiar with the pain of losing out on our favorite movies or TV shows which we had worked so hard to collect. Movies and shows make for excellent companions on lonely days, or late nights. With the easily scratched surfaces of DVD’s, it is rather easy to lose all that we have worked hard to collect. Software to not only backup our data, but also convert it between different formats to suit our needs is exactly what we all require at one point or another.

dvd copy software

The Contenders
There are several DVD copy software available in the market nowadays. However for the benefit of all, it has been narrowed down to the top 5. This includes:

  1. DVDFab DVD Copy
  2. DVD Cloner
  3. Slysoft Clone DVD
  4. 1Click DVD Copy
  5. 123 Copy DVD Gold

It’s not just a copying software
If the present software were limited to just simply copying one DVD disc into another, they wouldn’t be too viable in the market. Things thrive on being multi-purpose nowadays, and that is exactly what they are too. All five of the top 5 contenders have different things going for them and will not set you back too much on the cash front.

DVDFab ranks highly due to its ability to not just copy, but also recover data from scratched and ruined DVD’s and transfer it to a new disk. This ensures for you to have not just backups, but also to get back data or information that you may have considered to be lost forever. It also has a user-friendly interface, and will cost you as little as 49$.

People questioning whether these software can cope up to the latest technology, would be satisfied with DVD Cloner, which gets regularly updated to meet the onrushing technological advances, currently sitting in its 11th generation. At the low price of 60$, this little piece of DVD Copy software packs the ability to create anything from split, customizable, movie-only or seamless copies.

Slysoft CloneDVD definitely stands out as the most easy to use amongst the lot, with guides and walkthroughs for users of all skill levels, and will set your pocket back about 54$.

1Click DVD Copy is the least time-consuming of them all, with only one click required to copy all their movies. It also allows for movies to be transferred to the hard drive and provides free upgrades from time to time. 1Click will cost you 59$.

123 Copy DVD Gold allows users to burn videos straight off the Internet onto their DVDs, and even features a special mechanism to convert formats so that the movie is playable on your phone. Customizing your discs just got easier at the price of 50$ for the software.

It is easily understandable that these five rank amongst the best for a reason. So take a step back, and stop worrying about whether or not you will be able to use DVD Copy software. They are all easy-to-use and each has its own individuality. Choose what works for you best, and you will not regret buying them.

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