Earth Alerts: follows the evolution of climate and natural phenomena from the computer

Earth Alerts is a program that works by delivering data and real-time forecasting of climate, weather, alerts and even probable natural disasters, such as tracking hurricanes and tsunamis.

Earth Alerts

To use the program within its full potential we must choose a specific area of the world to start the program to give updated data from various data feeds in the network. Data are presented on various styles of reports, maps and images.

Unfortunately, the behavior of the program leaves a lot to be desired, despite that it seems to be well structured with lots of information. In certain cases the large quantity of information is an advantage, but what it sows more doubt is the behavior of the program that is trying at all costs we put our position within the US, despite having the option to cover any location in the world.

The program can work in the background, showing occasional updates on events in the area of the world that we have chosen in advance or can be displayed on screen from the Toolbar.

For your operation you will need a permanent connection to the Internet and the .NET Framework 3.5 as a minimum, in addition to Windows XP/7/8 (only within the desktop).

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