Equalify: Equalizer for Spotify

If you have a audio network are obtained excellent results by connecting the computer to the network, but the problem comes if we have a few humble computer’s speakers. How to improve the sound of our music? If you are a regular user of Spotify, you will take available a ten band equalizer that can integrate Spotify, thanks to Equalify.


For Equalify to function properly, you must have installed the Spotify desktop client, does not apply to the web version. First thing we do is download Equalify; There are two versions of the installer: one in which necessary administrative permits and other that permits are not needed. We have tested on the second version with the Spotify client and it worked perfectly.

One thing to note is that the installation of the equalizer must target the same folder where the Spotify client is installed, usually C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spotify, because it will not work in another folder that is not spotify. Also remember to close the Spotify client before installing.

Once you have everything installed, open Spotify and see that “EQ” now appears with a red flag on the top bar which indicates that the equalizer is off. We’ll have to activate it, for which we click on EQ. Once there already we will be able apply our favorite EQ or use some of the many that already brings the complement.

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